Seventh Asia-Europe Summit to carry forward the spirit of the Silk Road

The two areas link Silk Road opened at a time when the Asia-Europe relations of equality and mutual benefit. In March 1996, the first Asia-Europe Summit held in Bangkok, Thailand, marking a new partnership between Asia and Europe established, so that at last the kind of the first Asia-Europe marked the Silk Road to Equality redevelopment relations. From this we can see from the overall process of human development, regional, ethnic, national, inequality among civilizations is relative, and the achievement of equality is inevitable, because it is in the fundamental interests of the majority of the people is to build A necessary condition for a harmonious world.

After 2004 and 2006 rounds of expansion, now members of the Asia-Europe Meeting, a total of 45 member countries of the world population accounts for 57% of the gross domestic product accounted for 51% of the world’s foreign trade volume of more than 60 of the world %. Asia-Europe Meeting is the most important achievements: between Asia and Europe to set up multi-level dialogue framework for the strategic ties. In the Asia-Europe Meeting process prior to the start, compared to Europe and the United States, Asia and the close relationship between the United States, the link between Asia and Europe has less of it. It is 12 years, ASEM played an important role in the current situation has changed, basically formed between Asia and Europe closer and stable political, economic and cultural ties, so it will be the Asia-Europe Meeting as a new Silk Road. It’s an informal, open, flexible and inclusive dialogue for feature-oriented macro-study, comprehensive and long-term problems between the leaders of the Asia-Europe meeting on a regular basis and institutionalized, an important The strategic value.

On the 24th of this month in Beijing, the opening of the seventh Asia-Europe summit will review and sum up Asia-Europe Meeting through the course of 12 years to study the international situation and new developments in the situation in Asia and Europe and its impact on Asia-Europe Meeting, from a strategic A high degree of planning the next step in the development of the Asia-Europe Meeting.

Under the current circumstances, to carry forward the spirit of the Silk Road for the Asia-Europe Meeting process of sustainable development is still of great significance. First of all, with the in-depth development of cooperation between Asia and Europe, Asia and Europe between the two sides complement each other and are mutually dependent on the growing outbreak of the recent financial crisis highlighted on this point. 1998 Lunduiyaou summit to discuss how to help Europe cope with the Asian financial crisis, the meeting between Asia and Europe will discuss how to support each other to tide over the crisis. If the European economy into a recession, then Europe as an important partner in Asia will inevitably impact and influence. Secondly, the cooperation between Asia and Europe as the world’s growing patterns impact, both Asian and European strategic interests in expanding the foundation, especially in opposition to unilateralism and solve global problems. For example, to solve the food crisis, energy security, climate change, disaster relief cooperation and other global issues, Europe can not be separated from Asia, Europe can not be separated from Asia. Once again, with the all-round development of relations between Asia and Europe, the Asia-Europe dialogue of civilizations and has been deepening integration for the development of the Asia-Europe cooperation has laid a solid foundation for culture. Former EU Trade Commissioner and current WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy vividly illustrates this truth: “Asia and Europe as long as both sides respect each other’s differences, this diversity will be to create a source of strength and Stephen.”

In short, between Asia and Europe need each other economically, and strategically rely on each other, learn from each other culturally, this is the Asia-Europe Meeting on Sustainable Development where the main driving force, but also the spirit of the Silk Road in the current situation is all about. It is believed that this time held in Beijing in the seventh Asia-Europe Summit will further carry forward the spirit of Silk Road in order to achieve mutual benefit and win-win Asia and Europe.