Several of the tibetan rugs maintenance method

&Amp;lt; weekdays of maintenance > weekdays tibetan rugs of surface available brush, and blanket will hair, and weaving dimension cleanup clean, each isolation 2-3 days using vacuum cleaner cleanup a field. appropriate of cleanup can extended tibetan rugs of life. < by weight of processing > tibetan rugs by furniture weight, difficult recovery undisturbed, can in tibetan rugs SAG Department shop Shang micro-wet of towel, to iron from above steamed hot, then with hair dryer machine blowing dry. < emergency status of processing > does not carefully upsets has beverage or contamination has pollution property, to immediately processing for most effective of remedy method. first with dry cloth or surface paper absorption dry water (by outward within wipe) to dilution of moderate neutral wash Jie agent (neutral wash Bowl fine or cold wash fine to) Yu local a little smudge, then to twist dry of woumbou wipe NET to. < unknown status of processing > can first dip alcohol wipe dirt, to dry Hou then with brush brush off dirt. hot water plus lemon tablets also has effect. < regularly of maintenance > each isolation half a year or a years will tibetan rugs to professional of tibetan rugs clean company maintenance.