Shandong Chemical Fiber Group investment 8,000,000 yuan

Recently, from Shandong Chemical Fiber Group see them as one large dam project in Henan Province to make the 20,000 square meters geonet pad, in an orderly manner under tension loading shipment. According to general manager Zhang and introduction: “In recent months, the National policy of stimulating domestic demand and the introduction of some major projects, start-up, has brought to our business opportunities, this period has received hundreds of orders. To meet the market demand, on-time delivery, businesses do full production in time for the progress of the production of enthusiastic workers. ”

Shandong Lingxian geosynthetics as China production base geosynthetics its product range and more, good quality and known. At present, various types of geosynthetics manufacturing enterprises reached 146, with more than 300 types of production lines, the products of more than 40 varieties, is widely used in railway, highway, landfill, large reservoirs of impermeable areas such as waterproof. 2008 output 300,000 tons, sales more than 40 billion yuan to 45 percent market share.

To deal with the financial crisis, the recent National stimulating domestic demand, strengthening infrastructure construction issued favorable policies to Lingxian geotextile material production enterprises has brought business opportunities, there has been increased demand, prices of the excellent situation, the manufacturer has been receiving from orders throughout the country. To meet the market demand, the enterprises have to increase product variety, and expand production scale, go full steam ahead at full capacity. Shandong livelihood new materials Engineering Co., Ltd. and Shandong gl new material Technology Co., Ltd. After the merger, the annual output will reach 15,000 tons and become the only production of the most wide filament Geotextile manufacturers. Shandong Chemical Fiber Group investment 8,000,000 yuan, the new surface roughness on the waterproof board production line, the product is widely used in bridges and culverts, dams, transportation and other infrastructure, as compared with other products, with easy to use, save time, improve efficiency and so on. Their products not only to expand the international market, opening a new path, but also to fill a gap, similar changes in the domestic situation of dependence on imported products.

This year, the county geotextile material manufacturing enterprises received a total of more than 200 orders for a total area of 10,000 square meters over 2000.