Shandong ranks first in the country the size of the textile industry 3

Since the country from November 1 this year to increase once again part of the textile, clothing export tax rebate rate, the textile major part of Shandong Province, textile, garment enterprises to increase profitability, enhance confidence, production and operation of a new turn for the better.

To raise the export tax rebate rate of textile exports increased direct corporate profits. According to the city of Zibo is estimated that the export tax rebate rate for every 1 percentage point increase, the industry profit margin to increase 0.23 percentage points. Binzhou City survey shows that the export tax rebate rate of textile industry to make adjustments every 1 U.S. dollars of export commodities, to 0.1 yuan increase in profits -0.4 yuan; is expected in November -12 Binzhou City on textile export business will increase profits 25,000,000 Yuan to 100,000,000 yuan.

To raise the export tax rebate rate was also increased enterprises out on the development of strong confidence. As the country’s largest textile export enterprises, the Group took the opportunity to Vosges on the new textile production line in order to promote the great work big sales, the realization of the textile products in particular, the export of towel products relatively stable. Changyi city in Shandong had been to stop the export of revitalization of a number of textile enterprises are confident that once again join the ranks of exports.

This year, the two countries to raise textile export tax rebate rate for textile and garment enterprises in Shandong sustainable development has provided good protection. Qingdao City, the backbone enterprises to actively explore the international market during difficult times, the current stability in export orders. That is, Qingdao Group, Xiyingmen Group orders have been arranged in the first quarter of 2009 and in May.

The size of the textile industry in Shandong ranked No. 3, last year, the textile industry sales of about 470,000,000,000 yuan, with about 200 million workers.