Shandong Weifang majority of cotton farmers in the area of the capital preservation or loss of status

Recently, the author of Weifang in Shandong area farmers income, and cotton planting intention to sell the progress of an investigation visit.

With a variety of information dissemination to speed up the pace in the people’s awareness of information technology has also increased, most of the farmers this year in the global financial crisis and the adverse impact of market volatility has been more or less understanding, coupled with the recent national Shouchu The current price of cotton rose up, so farmers of the current 2.5 yuan / jin also gradually accepted, psychological Hard Trading in a Dream significant relaxation of the previous period, sell progress in speeding up step by step, the current progress of the local sell up to 60%, the average selling price At 2.4 yuan / jin around. However, cotton earnings significantly less than in previous years, the majority in capital preservation or loss of status, this will seriously affect the enthusiasm of cotton growers next year. The earnings cotton farmers do the following summary:

2008 annual survey of 50 farmers a total area of 953 acres of cotton, seed cotton is expected to sell 439,600 jin, discount seed cotton per-mu yield of 460 jin, according to the average price of 2.4 yuan / jin basis, gross income per acre cotton field 1104 yuan, according to the cost of cotton Both accounts, first, its own cotton farmers land, the land contract do not have to pay the fee, the cost is as follows (in acres as a unit): 130 yuan pesticide chemical fertilizers 200 yuan + + + 45 yuan seed irrigation machinery costs 40 yuan + + 60 yuan Film 28 yuan management fee + + pick up 46 yuan spent 207 yuan (0.45 yuan / jin * 460, with dried 0.55 yuan / jin) = “756 yuan, net profit about 368 yuan per mu; Second, the need to pay the land contract fee again Plus 400 yuan / mu, the cost of 1156 yuan / mu, net profit -52 yuan per mu. Above do not include the cost of cotton-headed families of their own working hours, fees, according to the head of the household, such as migrant workers or family members employed by the calculation of working hours, are in a money-losing state. ”

In addition, 50 survey indicated cotton growers, the 2009 will of the cotton significantly reduced the initial planting intentions for the 737 acres to reduce the 216 acre, up 22.7 percent decline. It fell reasons: First, this year’s major cotton price less than satisfactory; Second, the time-consuming and labor-intensive cotton, is a single-season crops; The third is to increase cotton input, the corresponding increase in risk; Fourth, in recent years, cotton prices volatile , And fluctuated, cotton farmers can not guarantee that the proceeds; Fifth, the state has increased cultivation of food subsidies, and improved varieties of cotton subsidies and the implementation of the policy so that farmers do not benefit directly.

December 5, Shandong Weifang area of cotton seed market due to falling prices of factors, seed cotton prices continue to trend down, the three-tier local mainstream seed cotton price of 5 yuan / kg, and clothing were more than 40%, less than 11% moisture regain, Cottonseed price 1.56 yuan / kg.