Shandong Xiajin held in Texas cotton straw utilization spot

A few days ago, Dezhou City, Shandong Province to crush the collection of cotton straw harvest mechanization spot in Xiajin held. Municipal Agricultural Officedirector Xiajin party committee and the county government is mainly responsible for people, the city’s Office of Agricultural Machinery Station on its people in charge of the urban county Agricultural Secretary Xiajin County, the township government officials, farm households Over 100 representatives to the scene to observe.

Dezhou vested in the National, one of the three major cotton-producing areas of the Yellow River valley cotton, cotton acreage in 2008 reached 298.5 million, seven counties and cities throughout the city, which Xiajin years of 65 million mu of cultivated area, accounting for the city’s total area planted 22%. After years of unremitting efforts, the mechanization level of the city’s cotton production has been greatly improved, from the seeds of rough electionbefore sowing and planting Filming, row, fertilizer deep facilities have been basically realized, such as mechanization, significantly reduce the labor intensity effectively raised the enthusiasm of farmers of cotton, but the face of Montreal, cotton stalks, how to quickly collect, effective utilization of cotton farmers have become the “heart.”

At the scene, I saw the open tricycle to close straw Xiajin CountySong Song Master, “in the past, after picking cotton, cotton used to cooking on the firewood, and later a good life, and this waste has become the cotton farmers the best thing walking. “Song master pointing is to run operations in the cotton harvest straw machines,” This new ‘gadgets’ really line! it running around, the land of clean, cotton firewood were itstomach, turned into a broken straw, such as unloading a moment to my car, it can be is a Po, and sent to a nearby power plant, can be pure mu straw earned 35 yuan. ”

To promote the mechanization of cotton production in the whole process, Xiajin County Agricultural sector in light of the actual, active cooperation with the farm machinery manufacturer, the collection of data, hard research, the development of sets of cotton straw harvest – smash – the collection of cotton stalks in one end by the harvester success and has now been applied for a national patent, the next step will be the city’s major cotton-producing regions fully committed to the promotion.