Shaoxing in November before the import and export statistics completed

On the 16th, and the author in Shaoxing get foreign trade and economic cooperation bureau of the Authority’s recently completed before the November foreign trade import and export statistics Shaoxing. In the wake of the spread of the international economic crisis exacerbated by the spread of China’s real economy after the November, Shaoxing previous 11-month report card on exports to 29 percent growth in the number of export performance in the province for more than 10 billion U.S. dollars in six cities , got into the top spot.

Various categories of export products in the value-added enhancement, there are some bright spots can be Chen. Such as the growth of total exports, 23.6 percent of the entire textile and apparel categories, the fastest year-on-year growth rate is the highest profit margins, “Hometextile finished”, and chemical fiber cloth, gloves, low value-added products such as export growth has declined markedly.

“11 months, on foreign trade and exports, it is soul-stirring one month.” Shaoxing foreign trade and economic cooperation bureau, a person in charge said meaningfully. Just a few days ago, the National Bureau of Statistics released economic operation in November figures show that the country’s total exports for several months in a row stepped down after the large “diving.” “Around the basic trend is similar but different ‘platform’ of the level and speed.” The person in charge said.

Statistics show exports in November Shaoxing obvious decline. “Single-month exports fell more than 4 percentage points. November’s export figures are large domestic and international situation will inevitably reflect.” Foreign Trade Department, the official said. The first is the structure of export products are moving gradually optimizing direction. Although the textile and garment categories remains unshakeable pillar exports, but accounted for 63 percent compared the same period last year fell by 2.7 percentage points.