Sheng areas in the textile industry to develop a new mid-range surface

“All pearl shells Ma,” Sheng is the region’s textile industry in the development of a new mid-range fabric, Fang Ma is a wonderful fabric. Sheng is currently in the market after the show, which attracted the attention of foreign merchants, potential sales boom impressive.

The silk fabric used by the 200D polyester Di Tansi strengthen twist; use 200D polyester filament Wei Di Tansi and the Twist to strengthen 250D polyester Ditan Si (wire network); latitude root density of 520×340 / 10 cm; crepe organizations in the use of spray Water looms on the intertwined. Technological ingenuity special weaving, dyeing and finishing of advanced technology, “Ma full-pearl shells,” Pearl has a profile stars, drape, and not very wrinkled, durable and comfortable for a wide range in style and so on, so to win the trust of consumers, it is Production suite, skirts, casual wear fashion fabrics. Clothing to be responsible, appropriate not only generous, elegant and graceful. Width fabrics for 144CM, fabric weight of 310 g / m 2 per meter price of 4.80 yuan Baipi granted — 5.20 yuan, from the listing of color, particularly red sauce, green, pink, gray camel, Huang , More than 10 kinds of coffee, the main products sold in Shaoxing, Liaoning, Guangdong and other places