Sheng Chinese silk fiber index Comments

Last year, on November 24, the first of China’s silk cover, the two major chemical fiber industry, “Sheng Chinese silk fiber index,” Wu Jiang Sheng in the world to the official release. As of yesterday, more than 400 in the fixed-price information collection, more than 70,000 valid mining companies list price, the effective price of 265,000, more than 4,000 articles and 50 economic indicators, such as monitoring data analysis revealed that, “Sheng Index,” published The first anniversary, has become the domestic silk industry, chemical fiber, “barometer” and “wind vane”, “take a look at what the production index,” a lot of textile enterprises to become conscious act. The index released to the promotion of textile industry in Wujiang plate Sheng, as well as enhance the quality of the domestic textile market has played a good voice.

Sheng area of more than 2,000 textile factories, nearly 6,000 textile firms, “Sheng index” to help them achieve better control the production of early warning, to adjust product mix, as well as business information and market information symmetry of the problem. New Textile Co., Ltd. Wu Jiang Jinhua Wang, general manager of a day to go to work first thing is to visit China to open computer networks are silk-to-date browser, “Sheng index”, as well as changes in the expert commented. Wang said he was concerned about the index, the main index is to look at the highest, lowest and the smooth movement of which there are varieties. On the low-price index, on the analysis of whether the surplus products, which regulate the production has a very good guide. A while ago, Wang found that the “index” used in the lining of the suit, “Dita Fu” fabric for the price of 96.31 over the previous week, a decrease of 0.11. Under normal circumstances, this period of time should be the fabric of the production and marketing season, the price index should rise, Wang judge fabric of supply exceeding demand in this market, so decisively reduce production in order to avoid business risks. “In the past we want to know which varieties on the market oversupply, mainly by feel. Now is not the same as the index has provided us with the scientific information market.” Wang said.

Relying on the Ministry of Commerce as China Eastern Silk Market is compiled and released the “Sheng index”, following China’s Yiwu, Keqiao index after another market index, the Ministry of Commerce is also a market information service system. The main index reflects Sheng and Oriental silk fiber fabrics on the market, the price of chemical fiber raw materials, silk textiles, as well as the effect of price changes related to business fluctuations in the economy, by the price index, index, Sheng 50 index and index to monitor the flow of the four modules.

Statistics show that the vast majority of enterprises Sheng region have begun to use “Sheng index” reflects the changes in the market, either directly or indirectly to decide their own production and operation activities. In particular the development of the textile industry in the current environment of the poor, the index will have a direct impact on the textile market traders business strategy adjustment, the textile industry to grasp the trend of textile dynamic, risk-averse.