Sheng cities of Jiaxing Polyester market price analysis of the species

Polyester market: the past week, the two cities of Jiaxing Sheng varieties Polyester prices again down the market, industry analysts Polyester prices One of the reasons the upper reaches all the way down the price of raw materials, such as slicing the price from 9,400 yuan / ton down to the present 9000 yuan / ton, Ban Xiaoguang weekend PET Paohuo minimum bid prices for the 8800-8900 yuan / T (since raised cash) for a transaction. Thus affecting the price trend of polyester filament; followed by the downstream textile enterprises has been careful look at the market outlook, the purchase of the principle of “quantitative production,” the impact of the lower reaches of the purchasing power of business-to-Polyester; of course Polyester fabric products, where sales season is not expected to wang A certain extent, the prices of Polyester produce deterrent effects. Downstream buyers interested in buying the whole, seem relatively low, Sheng several areas of the factory this week, the average rate of production and sales in the 70-80%. Price, by the end of the weekend, the market Sheng POY75D/72F, 150D/48F center of the market price of 11800,10300 yuan / ton; DTY75D/36F, 100D/36F, 150D/48F Center, Jiangsu and Zhejiang market price of 13,900, 13900,12100 yuan / ton; FDY63D/24F, 75D/36F, 100D/72F, 150D/96F Center, Jiangsu and Zhejiang market prices for 12700-12800,12200,11700-11800 yuan / ton, with the price and the price last week, more common Down 200-300 yuan / T, in the actual transaction process, the bulk trading price range to give some more big. Sales, the market Sheng FDY fine denier products 50D/48F, 63D, 75D product is still new force of the market, mainly in the lower reaches of materials and the demand for fabrics; FDY75D/72F, 144F, 66D/48F leisure due to the production of fabrics The amount raised by a small, short for plush, Hua Yao, and other fabric, the lower demand has also been enlarged; FDY135D/36F and lower reaches of the purchasing power shortage coupled with the Wuxi plant has been boot, Polyester was on the market appears to be oversupply . DTY75D/72F (net), DTY75D black silk continue to move off the state, in addition, DTY75D/144F, 150D/144F market can; DTY Dan crude varieties network of very small volume. POY products with additional shells enough volume, POY wire network to fight for the very poor demand. The lower face, material, subdued performance of the market, high inventory gray cloth, along with Polyester prices, weaving Kaiji Shuai imminent downward trend in all aspects of procurement Polyester, was extremely cautious. At present, chemical fiber spinning factory inventory by more, since the beginning of an increase of 3-4 days of inventory. This shows that manufacturers have to price promotions in order to reduce inventory to maintain production and capital together, and this week was larger than PET Polyester. Polyester prices are expected next week will certainly continue to fall, the market may face Polyester or increase the speed. Shalei market: the past week, all-cotton yarn J21s, 32s dynamic market sales, cotton / spandex core-spun yarn (21S +40 D) and (32s +40 D) market traded slightly, mainly by the type of fabrics stretch cotton sales上升. Chun Disha by the upper reaches of the market prices of polyester staple fiber, Chun Disha as a whole the trend of market prices have dropped to varying degrees, all kinds of specifications 21s, 32s, 45s, 50s in the last week, prices have generally 100-200 yuan / T decline in the current Price of 13,600 yuan respectively in the / T, 13800 $ / T, 15000 $ / T, 16000 $ / T. Polyester and Viscose yarn prices down to individual species; 90/10 polyester-cotton prices. Were part of the family of cotton prices also fell. Viscose staple fiber has dropped 100 yuan, 16,300 yuan in current prices / T. This week, polyester staple fiber prices continued to fall, the market price from 10,550 yuan / T dropped to the current 10,100 yuan / T. Chun Disha is expected to decline in prices may also exist, shortly after the all-cotton yarn market is still in “Ruoshi stable” condition.