Sheng Polyester Fiber Market Comments

A two-day weekend, the market volume can be Polyester, bid prices have again risen slightly. Jia Tansi POY sales better; FDY downstream are still actively buying and selling; DTY relatively weak. Varieties from the market to see the trend: FDY light of the semi-fine denier silk unsatisfactory sales, compared to, FDY Bright Sheng in the product market was not bad; FDY Ban Xiaoguang 50D/24F the more popular, the main benefit In the lower reaches of the production and marketing rate of better fabrics. Ban Xiaoguang market small FDY75D/36F moving bulk sales, mainly due to the demand made by a promotion. DTY market demand for conventional varieties in general, and DTY network transactions continue to move off the state. POY added downstream products, good procurement bomb factory, together with POY wire network did not demand a big improvement. Polyester prices are expected next week will not rule out the advantage of the opportunity pick up slightly, but prices up space is very limited.

Cation of differentiation silk market can be, increased volume of products, POY prices slightly Shangtai. FDY100D/48F, 150D/72F market quotations were 9000 yuan / ton and 8400 yuan / ton. Side shipped, FDY100D/48F good yarn sales, mainly for the lower reaches of cation jacquard fabric production. At present, the upper reaches of CDP slice of raw materials prices Shangtai. Cation market outlook is expected to wire up the main market will be stable. Polyester / polyester composite wire performance of the market is still good, spinning factory as part of the ex-factory price of exploratory hike. Wires also take the island have also picked up, which is particularly moving 215D sales, prices continue to remain the same. T / Kam-market composite wire little change in the current marketing materials related to the lower reaches of plain, so T / composite wire Kam-up demand is difficult, having T / Kam composite wire in the market will remain vulnerable to adjust.

PET: PTA prices are still Shang Tai, MEG prices firm for more than half-light, bright polyester chips, CDP slice continue to uplift, PET bottle chip prices for consolidation. Semi-ray market slicing the spot transaction price of 6330 yuan / ton in March to acceptance, cash in the general mainstream of 6250 yuan / ton. Slice the spot transaction price of light in the 6400 yuan / ton to three months short, the general mainstream of cash in 6300 yuan / ton. CDP slice the market price of spot transactions in 7250 yuan / ton to six months of acceptance. PET bottle chip market in general to the transaction price of 6900 yuan / T. At present, polyester chip wait-and-see market-based, downstream textile enterprises are waiting for the biopsy sections and the introduction of clearing price before making any moves.