Sheng this week, Jiaxing market Polyester

 Xiao Shao Polyester mainstream market maker quotes a basic level of stable, a small number of poor sales POY plant varieties and appropriate action promotions, FDY, DTY overall weak sales, temporary price stability.

Sheng, Jiaxing Polyester market offer a smooth, but the intensity Polyester prices began to decline, mainly the lower reaches of funds caused by stress, whether the lower reaches of weaving enterprises, or when the stock traders a bit overcautious.

From the movement of products, conventional DTY relatively flat market transactions, but some of the specifications of the network is still going smooth, for example, 50D/72F, 75D/72F, 100D/144F, 150D/144F, 288F, and so on, which, DTY Quan Xiaoguang 75D/72F Over the past few days is very popular, mainly used in the production of Chunya Fang Quan Xiaoguang. DTY75D/144F there are currently more dynamic sales, mainly used in the production of warp-knitted fabric on the short Chaorou plush. POY wire 50D, 75D, 100D market in 8400 yuan / T, 8200 $ / T, 7900 $ / T or so, plus the use of bombs, according to wire POY Tongxiang transactions or in the general area.

FDY offer stability in the market today, FDY fine silk F slightly better sales, the market of conventional products FDY50D, 68D, 75D product volume can. During this period, large polyester FDY bright coarse silk Dan 300D-600D a more dynamic market sales, of which, 300D on the market demand for larger, the current price at 8500 yuan / T or so. FDY market sales, compared with the big Ban Xiaoguang slightly better light, which, FDY50D/24F light water as a result of spinning off activities as well as satin to expand production, reducing demand for the lower reaches, FDY bright 50D/24F big price in 10300 Yuan / T, big bright FDY50D/24F (special satin) sales to be relatively better. Overall, sales of FDY the market lower Friday (7) Sheng, as well as surrounding areas FDY plant at an average rate of production and sales into 5 or so, it is estimated that the maintenance of a low-key weekend consolidation of market-oriented.