Shengze fabric market, the market has shown “no season-Wang” feature

In the past week, the market Sheng Wang fabric market white light, but in general a “non-wang season,” the characteristics of the market, a significant reduction in traffic; materials, products in the market economy as a whole is relatively low degree, the whole show is not for sale Chang, a serious stock of the situation.

Lining fabric: the past week, the whole market economy brought about by the low shadow of some of the material in the product prices of a small decline in the rate of 0.02 yuan / m, such as Dita Fu series, and so on, down the main reason October is the upper reaches of polyester raw material prices decline under the impact of the large. Market shows that some of the coating can be used for processing the material in the current product on the market increased, there are products on behalf of Chun Yafang, Dita Fu, and other materials in plain; 5 In addition satin in the products this week There are also signs of strength; on the sale of silk were good, “woven materials, such as the one beautiful silk yarn, silk were flashing satin, silk in the United States and Sishu people this week continued to be in hot pursuit of buyers. But as there is in all types of products stocks are expected to , So that the local market price action is not enough to drive sales as a whole, the aggregate market index, the market expected, the situation is not optimistic.

Fabric market: the cold weather brought down transaction fabric of active, and some more F sanding products on the market take the goods have been frequent, daily trading volume increased; jet-type fabric by the end of October after entering the market there are signs of improvement, Some of the cotton-containing fabric of jet volume significantly enlarged, such as silk products, such as Mianjin; all-Chun Yafang shells, satin fabric prices are still down, and can volume. Warp knitting Haidao Si suede-type fabric in addition to currently have a small volume, the other warp knitted fabrics for sale back then apparently temperature, the lower reaches of buying less Liao; Ronglei practices in the fabric market is more like the setting sun in general The market is extremely slow to take the goods, and even the production and sales have been good fabrics like Jin Di is currently in production and marketing difficulties, the prices of the goods run occurred from time to time, the price is extremely competitive. From the above types of fabric dynamic display products, sales of fabric is light and white-wang, a positive side. However, the total market volume to the point of view, but trading volume shows that “non-wang season,” the characteristics of the market, a far cry from the same period last year. This situation has caused the main reason for the market in addition to foreign trade order “shrink”, the main reason is that the financial crisis in the textile market has begun to reflect the negative effects, especially in order to reduce the export market is a strong proof of how to deal with Financial crisis, the impact on the market has become the industry must think and solve problems.

Note: At present, Haining, as of Wujiang area for aircraft Kai Jishuai 62%. Kai Jilv air-jet looms in 65%. Computer embroidery business after finishing a slight reduction in the processing business can be sanding, the surface oil processing busy calendar.