Shengze Fiber Market (12.25) polyester filament market dynamic Express

December 25, Polyester Market in lukewarm state, local spinning manufacturers offer basic remain unchanged, the market turnover of middle-level, volume of trading virtually no market transactions messy varieties.

The trend from the varieties, the large bright FDY 150D more dynamic sales, for the production of fountainOxford cloth bags and the latitude and other fabrics. In addition, DTY Black 75D downstream demand which can be mainly used for black spots silk, black belt and other leadingweaving lining.DTY75D/72F network regardless of spray woven silk or woven by the demand is still good; DTY100D, 150D, 200D today prices remain unchanged; DTY100D market prices and confusion, a larger difference between high and low, while the more dynamic silk 150D/48 network marketing, according to understanding, this applies to raw materials downstream fabric weaving a wide range, at present mainly used for the entire shell of Oxford cloth, satin, such as satin. POY prices could increase demand for shells, while the network needs to fight a general. At present, the lower reaches of weaving, plus business-to-Polyester shells normal procurement intentions efforts weakened the overall market Polyester short term will be dominatedconsolidation trend.