Shengze (January 19) chemical fiber market dynamics

January 19, Polyester market although there is no marked increase in turnover signs varieties transactions more scattered, but the market price of Polyester was posture, especially in the morning of the contract in January to settle the prices after the introduction of cost under the slice spinning factory ex-factory prices rise one after another, semi-light fdy63d mainstream pricing Tatsu 8700-8800 yuan / t. Ex-factory price of the overall direct spinning factory, that have the price of intent the day after tomorrow.

Polyester varieties from the market trend to see, DTY filament 100D/36F, 150D/48F wire network, which applies to a wide range of demand will become a bright spot in the lower reaches of weaving. FDY yarn 50D, 75D, 100D still demand. Oxford cloth FDY150D/36F year-on-year growth in production, Oxford cloth weaving profits Yuriko plain fabric material to the ideal. POY 50D, 75D, 100D Price Market Center at 7700 yuan / T, 7500 of $ / T, 7300 of $ / T, currently on the market 50D in Shengze smaller areas downstream demand reduction, mainly for hard wire network.

At present, the upstream raw material PTA, MEG prices up slightly oscillation, this semi-dull polyester chip market pricing Tatsu 6400 yuan / T, but also for the limited supply, the current inventory pressure lighter spinning factory, in the role of cost-push, it is expected shortly after Di silk price shock will be pushed up.

Differentiation cation FDY filament basic trend of market prices stable, but some of the prices of FDY filament . FDY63D, 75D have a certain demand, the price at 10,000 won / T, 9500 of $ / T. At present, domestic prices stabilized CDP slice. Cation is expected to wire a short period of overall adjustment as the main market remained stable. Polyester / polyester composite wire pricing to maintain market stability, the lower reaches of the purchasing power of the general. Quotes wire 215D island to maintain the momentum of moving sales, 105D trading volume is still small. / PA composite wire little change in prices, due to the lower reaches of the sales volume is not related to fabric, and therefore / PA composite wire pulling a smaller market, shortly after the market sentiment recovers.

PET: PTA, MEG prices were adjusted, semi-light, big bright polyester chip prices stable, CDP slice, PET bottle chip prices as temporary stability. Semi-dull slice the market price of spot transactions 6350 yuan / ton in March to the acceptance, cash in the mainstream of the general 6250 yuan / ton. Bright spot slice of ad valorem in 6400 yuan / ton to three months short, cash in the mainstream of the general in 6300 yuan / ton. CDP slice market price of spot transactions in 7300 yuan / ton to six months of acceptance. PET bottle chip market in general to the closing price of 7100 yuan / T. PET chip market, the supply of small factories Hard Trading in a Dream, the current slice spinning enterprises mainly the implementation of the contract price.