Shengze Market (January 7) cotton yarn, chemical fiber yarn Review Quotes

On the 7th, all-cotton products to maintain a smooth operation, little change in prices. Sales from the variety of view, the entire cotton yarn 32S, J40S good demand, mainly for jet Polyamide / Cotton series, other specifications for more light. Blended yarn products, polyester, Polyester and Viscose yarn market changes in a very small, to pay the amount is still small, grid stable. Other temporary remains stable, 45s downstream are still purchasing power, changes in the prices of polyester staple fiber was small. People cotton prices also remain stable. 10s sales increased slightly, but very few other varieties of transaction volume. Viscose staple fiber prices are still lower center of gravity, the latest market price of 11,480 yuan Center / tons. Cotton yarn market is expected shortly after people would have set the trend of suppression.