Shenma Group into the largest silk carpet business

In recent days, Shenma Group of 2,000 tons of silk carpets for a technical transformation project is expected to drive success. The projects completed and put into production, so that the Shenma Group, China’s largest silk carpet manufacturer.

Silk carpet products have broad prospects for development. In recent years, with China’s growing national strength and people’s living standards rising, the demand for more and more high-grade carpet, silk carpet Shenma sales continue to rise, the market demand, product demand, the original 2000 tons Production capacity can not meet the needs of the market. In this case, the Shenma Group full advantage of all aspects of the internal deployment of resources to the production of silk carpets more than 20 years of accumulated skills and experience, the use of factory production lines reserved for the location and the existing engineering facilities and cushion the rapid implementation of the 2000 Tons of silk carpets Tianpingbuqi technical projects. The project of high value-added products, the project put into operation, Shenma silk carpets to reach annual production capacity of 4,000 tons, ranking first in the country, with an estimated annual profit of 7,490,000 yuan added.