Shin Juang carpet appearances, “matt Cup,” the third Chinese Grand Prix on home fashion products

It is reported that Shin Juang carpet at the recently concluded “matt Cup,” the third Chinese textile products Fashion Grand Prix, was “hand-silver wool carpet.”

Yang-Shin Juang letter is a plastic hand-back professional carpet manufacturers, production technology using hand-woven, needle in hand, the electric needle, and other means. The company produces handmade Persian carpet glue back to the traditional China-Beijing, the color of flowers, classical, Cai Jing, fine arts-oriented, so as to produce a beautiful design, flavor, appearance generous, full flow, the best quality, never fading and rule the roost; Sumptuous sets, generosity in a beautiful, renowned decoration, durable and practical in one, known as the rubber back, said Wang.

Shin Juang group with an annual output of more than 800 hand-carpet 10,000 square feet, carpet weaving more than 600 million square meters. The handmade carpet business design innovation every year, the annual export amount of 3-500000000 yuan, the main products sold in Europe, the U.S. market. However, the U.S. market this year by the economic recession, the company exports adverse circumstances, the drop in exports this year to adjust Shin Juang Group sales strategy, the domestic market began to pay attention. Shin Juang groups to participate in the “matt Cup,” the third Chinese textile products Fashion Grand Prix is aimed at the adoption of the “Grand Prix” to improve their products in the domestic market and well-known reputation, so that more consumers and the distribution Shin Juang understanding of the carpet business.