Shop selected a piece of tibetan rugs soft texture space to soften touch

A picture of a textured tibetan rugs laying, not only space becomes soft, soft, more softening your touch, but with coconut weaving, linen, cotton, wool, synthetic wool sth So many different materials such as tibetan rugs, how do you pick? And how to match home furnishings? Color, texture, flower Edition style and size, is a consideration when selecting tibetan rugs four direction, first of all, should be based on space, floor texture you need materials, such as tiles, marble floor, suitable for color strongly, tactile soft tibetan rugss; wood flooring is used linen, weaving and coconut or warm tibetan rugss. One thing good interior space, good decisions, and styles, depending on your preferences, but may wish to refer to the fashion trends each year, most of the tibetan rugss and furnishings fabrics used in space with each other, so more or less under the influence of cloth fabrics of the prevailing wind, color and style have become energetic and lively. Nearly two years of the very popular coconut woven tibetan rugss are still being run, rolls but say goodbye to the past trend of plain knitted fabric edges, roll to the edges of the cloth, or made in appearance like the texture of cotton, blankets, tibetan rugss and animals to the grain is also expected to set off another wave of popularity.