Short, dense weave tibetan rugss are good tibetan rugs?

&Amp;quot; short dense woven tibetan rugss are good tibetan rugs Mody? &Amp;quot; a call called to ask Miss LAU road in Changsha. exactly what kind of tibetan rugs is the good tibetan rugs does, we compiled a data, comprehensive features introduce tibetan rugs, hoping for more home help friends: tibetan rugss of quality, in addition to fiber characteristics and processing, density, weight of wool and cashmere fiber, rubbing twisting methods are relationship. More plush the more dense and thick, plush heavier in weight per unit area, tibetan rugs texture and appearance of the more able to maintain good, basically, short, dense weave tibetan rugs is more durable. Check the General short hair density and elasticity of the tibetan rugs, there are two main ways. First of all, can make use of the thumb on the tibetan rugs, as finished after rapid restitution of, means that density and elastic woven cashmere better; or bend tibetan rugs, more difficult to see the end of mat, plush woven a dense, durable, as for the fluff of weight, you can see the instructions on the label. Carpets made of different fabrics, weave structures and processes are designed for different environments need to be determined, therefore, elections can also be purchased based on individual needs, according to different spatial selection of different materials, colors and specifications of the tibetan rugs. Carpets are bear a label describing the environment should be treated with and the ability to withstand the frequency should see sign your instructions. To note when selecting tibetan rugs laying position and size the amount of walking. Walk frequently of regional, as Xuan closed, and Hall, will selection density higher, and wear of tibetan rugs (as short hair ring cashmere, and twist cashmere); activities volume low of local as sleep room, on can selected hair cashmere higher, and more soft of tibetan rugs (as cut cashmere); and stairs is to selected durable, and does not sliding of type, usually will has label indicate stairs applies, avoid selection long wool ring blanket, because blanket of bottom easy Yu cascade edge exposure out; as in easy dip Shang stains of local, as dining room,, is should be selection by pollution processing of tibetan rugs, to convenient cleanup. In General, the plain and there is no pattern of tibetan rugs stains and footprints revealed more easily; cut pile tibetan rugs plot is usually emerges in blanket of dust on the surface, show the dirt, but dust dirt easily cleaned, and cashmere are easy at the end of tibetan rugs dust, more difficult to clear. In direct sunlight or damp place, should pay attention to tibetan rugs faded and stale. Quality tibetan rugss do not fade, anti-mildew, moth and not to continue burning processing guarantee. When you purchase artificial or synthetic tibetan rugss, be aware of whether provided by the manufacturer to prevent dust and dirt, abrasion resistance, electrostatic control assurance. General quality household tibetan rugs, have to undergo a wear-resistant, antistatic, anti-fouling treatment. In shops when buying tibetan rugss, to obtain specimens to the paving of spatial reference, because in a different light, seen tibetan rugs color will be slightly different, it had better be shop-like block to the actual use of space under the effect of the light source. After laying the tibetan rugs in the whole block, often model than a little shallow, select when you want to be taken into account. Purchase amount before the Interior of saleable area, calculation of the bending angle and note the irregular shape of the corner, so as not to waste material, and does not appear appropriate joints, affects artisticly. When requesting a tibetan rugs company-quotes should be at the same time taking construction drawing to clearly position and number of joint. To check in advance before laying tibetan rugs floor flatness, thoroughly clean the ground, while paved with tibetan rugs, preferably under the tibetan rugs and bed cushions. Bottom mat, in addition to increase the suppleness of the tibetan rugs, and slow down the depletion of the tibetan rugs, tibetan rugs more durable outside, can also strengthen tibetan rugs of sound-absorbing capacity. Cushion material of rubber in common use at the end, such as foam and shrink down, higher density pads at the end, efficiency is better