Shrinking global demand for textile products

A lot of a series of policy restrictions, perhaps for the medium and long term market view should still be able to play a positive sense, of course, in the short term, with loan-to-time further escalation of the crisis, the shrinking global demand for textile products for export dependence on China higher Textile industry will continue experiencing labor pains. In such a harsh environment of the Ebb Tide, a number of years ago, high-speed expansion of private enterprises are currently faced with such as “Chain of funds,” the risk of fracture. In early October, following the “Sanxin Union,” “Martial Law holding” a number of textile enterprises in the industry problems, according to Shanghai-site storm-sectors expected, Shaoxing, a polyester plant Thursday to suspend shipments, Following the pre-bank intervention after the other provinces and cities, Shaoxing, local banks are also involved in the overall market has also been reported that the company’s polyester plant in the near future might have been forced to stop. This phenomenon may also lower reaches of chemical fiber textile industry in the near future a microcosm, it should be said clearly in the terminal sales shrink, corporate debt funds to hold high the chain flow difficulties, the end of 2008 for most of the polyester business is very difficult . Although the polyester products last week’s brief but frenzied market at one time so that many companies will sell a stock in October and air, but in the face of the recent 2-5 into low production and sales around the situation in the late pick-up in pressure on the stock is very clear, and this momentum as This development is likely to continue over the next 1-2 weeks after the end of PET polyester products in the pick-up in pressure on the stock after the price reduction promotion efforts will increase again, and the latter in the face of sluggish sales before and after the Spring Festival as well as the situation in the capital and many other pressures, Polyester running into the load in the 12 months before and after January is likely to come down again, to a certain extent, this will continue for the PTA, and other polyester products, raw materials constitute a bad impact.