Silk product tips

A, and purchase in purchase silk clothing Shi, first to see clothing using description, note wash mark and hanging licensing Shang callout of fiber ingredients, special note Mulberry silk content, select for own body of specifications model, and see clothing quality, fabric has no seam rips, and stains spot, color is consistent, Ironing is stabilize, has colorless difference and Aurora, sewing line trace density is enough, has no setting out, and break. Trademarks and logos are complete. Printing products attention should also be on the accuracy of flowers, flower-shaped deformation. Identification is a silk ingredients, not including appearance, touch feel, you can also use combustion method, silk thread, after burning, with similar hair burnt smell. Second, maintenance of silk garments more delicate, carefully dressed, prevent abrasion, crack become unwoven or untwisted and pollution, satin fabrics should also beware of hooked wire. Silk products washing should be Note: using special neutral detergent washing by hand, not soaking in washing liquid for a long time, gently rubbed the dirt area with cold water, to rinse with water after washing and drying in the shade, not in the sun exposure, dry air to 80%, may use the wet cloth cover covered iron after formation, the ironing temperature should not be too high. Such as silk clothing wear for a long time, wash, in the shade hanging save, note the moth.