“Silk Road Project” to promote innovation in the Internet

Beijing time on November 15, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft Thursday announced a project called “Silk Road Project”, hopes the project will be content management systems and integrated advertising sales, to speed up Live Search. Microsoft said that the project called “Silk Road” because Microsoft will be the project to the Internet community to promote Live Search, which is similar to the ancient Silk Road to promote technical and cultural exchanges and innovation.

Microsoft hopes the “Silk Road Project” to promote the innovation of the Internet. Through the “Silk Road Project”, developers can use their own Web site Live Search, and search results in their own way like the arrangement, or to meet a certain Internet Protocol. This will allow developers of the Web site has been optimized to enhance the user’s search experience.

“Silk Road Project” to developers to provide a wide range of new features in Live Search. For example, when the search engine can not return search results, developers can “404 Error” re-definition of the interface, this page provides other functions so as to ensure that the user is still at the site on their own. In addition, the search results to include keywords with related pictures, news and other Web content.

“Silk Road Project” is still in Beta testing. Microsoft hopes to have more Internet publishers to participate in the project and provide feedback in order to improve.