Special art needlepoint rugs product characteristics

Carpet is different than other needlepoint rugs design special art, it has a modern feeling and natural style of art is distinctive and rich, special art styles and materials of the needlepoint rugs, can provide a personalized style and meet designers of space design. Features special art needlepoint rugs in addition to product attractive, it has features such as durable and easy to clean and wear-resistant, flame-proof, sound effects such as reduction and furniture after placing is not embossed. Special art needlepoint rugs is different than other needlepoint rugs 1, special artistic needlepoint rugs weaving of special lines, for patent products in the world. 2, special art needlepoint rugs with flame-proof, waterproof, abrasion resistant, sound reduction and other features. 3, Special Arts most easy maintenance-can be directly water cleaning of needlepoint rugs. 4, special art of needlepoint rugs weaving material design of the most creative and artistic sense. Apply 1, special occasions and uses artistic needlepoint rugss for a variety of public places such as offices, shops, restaurants, museums, theatres, Exhibition Center, Bank, fitness center, SPA Center, hospital, and so on. 2, special artistic needlepoint rugss are also suitable for the home living room, bedroom