Stability for all-cotton yarn prices were up again

51 after the market the domestic yarn market as a whole is better, prices increase. Which the entire cotton the overall market continues to slightly; people cotton prices, sales volume; of some products, but not sales. Specific varieties of the yarn market dynamic is as follows:


A: The market week yarn market performance


Shengze Market: Shengze last week to maintain smooth operation of the market, in which 32S-wide demand for cotton is better, mainly used in knitting and jet series Polyamide / Cotton, center last weekend Shengze market price of 18,000 yuan / ton, unchanged from last week. Although the upper reaches of the supply of raw cotton is still tense, but as a result of sales of cotton yarn is not optimistic about a more modest profit, spinning see very strong prices, the lack of power prices, the cotton market is still to maintain a smooth consolidation phase; products Polyester and Viscose blended yarn and polyester yarn varieties of cotton price stability, not sales. Quotes stable operation last week, 32S, 45S better sales, the market center in the price of 13,000 yuan, respectively, / tons, 13,800 yuan / ton, unchanged from last week; people rising trend of cotton yarn is true that most of the products, 20S, 30S, 40S Market Center for the price of 16,800 yuan, respectively, / tons, 17,900 yuan / ton, 18,800 yuan / ton, or from 300-400 yuan / ton range, mainly driven by prices of viscose staple fibers.


Shaoxing market: Shaoxing market last week, the entire increase in cotton prices, but the lack of downstream demand, the market traded flat. Last week, the market-wide trend of cotton market was rising, 32S-wide mainstream of knitted cotton prices of around 17,800 yuan, up 200 yuan last / ton, 32S combed cotton yarn full price of 21,000 yuan / ton. Prices of cotton yarn prices were better, the basic rate rose from 400-600 yuan / ton range. 30S to people over the weekend the mainstream market price of cotton 18,300 yuan / ton, higher prices than last week, 500 / t, mainly due to driving the price of viscose staple fibers. Last week, the market纯涤纱relatively warm, 32S large mainstream price of 13,300 yuan / tons, 45S at 14,500 yuan / tons. But wait and see clearly the market, prices rose less than dynamic. The blended yarn market is still sluggish, mainly due to the lower reaches of a single small things.


Shandong Changyi: last week, the overall market stability in the market. All-cotton prices stable, sales in general, better sales, such as knitting yarn 32S market price of 20,300 yuan Center / tons, 32S combed cotton at 21,500 yuan / ton. Basically the same as the previous week. Polyester price stability, Polyester and Viscose yarn market still weak market. Stability prices rise, not volume. 21S reported over the weekend 11,000 yuan / ton, 32S (large) to 146,000 yuan / ton, are up around 300 yuan. Cotton prices were basically stable, the general volume. Price of cotton yarn 32S person in 19,400 yuan / ton, 40S mainstream price of 20,600 yuan / ton.


II: upper reaches of the market performance of a week of raw materials products


Cotton: Cotton Outlook Index Cotlook last week to continue strong, but the domestic cotton market has been in consolidation in mainly textile enterprises very strong wait-and-see attitude, procurement light. However, recent reports by the State Reserve behind the impact of the textile industry strong wait-and-see atmosphere. May 8, the State A Index cotton prices (CNCotton A) to 13,184 yuan (per ton, the same below), up 1 yuan; B index (CNCotton B) to 12,917 yuan, up 1. China’s cotton price index (CCIndex328) 12756 yuan / ton, up 05 yuan, 527 average price of cotton to plant 11,462 yuan / ton. And spot prices mixed, with the overall continued to maintain stable prices to stop, although cotton prices in active sales, and prices somewhat loose, but the textile procurement downturn but turnover remains thin. At present, more than the stock of cotton resources, high-grade cotton is even more difficult to find, market regulation and control of national policy is expected to become strong, Hard Trading in a Dream is no longer part of the cotton business, began to reduce the sales price, but instead of textile enterprises slowed down the pace of procurement, see increase feelings. According to the National Cotton Monitoring System survey, early in May, the cotton textile enterprises intent to purchase a further decline in wait-and-see attitude of holding companies accounted for 30% of the total survey, early last month increased by 13 percentage points. At present, the market still have a parabolic mass storage quota or the issuance of the rumors, as if from the market supply and demand side aspects of a policy shift attention. At present, some areas of real estate is not more than cotton, so an increase of Xinjiang cotton textile mills purchased at the same time in the near future Mr warehouse delivery of cotton textile futures have also increased. Vice area of cotton affected by the flu, poor prices, short fiber, cottonseed and other cotton by-product of a good trend.


Polyester Staple Fiber: recent domestic PSF market in stalemate after a week, market tired last week at the volume of PTA or Qi, MEG continued consolidation, polyester raw material market is tired already, are expected shortly after the PSF There may be decreased. Last weekend Shengze market price of polyester staple fiber market center in the 9,400 yuan / ton.


Viscose Staple Fiber: Viscose Staple Fiber continue to rise last week, by the end of the 8th, east central market price of viscose staple fiber market in the 14,400 yuan / ton, up 400 yuan yesterday / tons. Viscose Staple Fiber Price on the 8th in the 9300-9600 Yuan / tons; 1.5D Viscose Staple 14600-15200 yuan / ton, 1.2D Viscose Staple Fiber in 14800-15500 yuan / ton, up 700 than before -800 yuan / ton, due to tight supply, prices are expected to increase space for the latter.


III: Short-term market trend forecast


All-cotton: Recent, widely rumored for the domestic market is about to throw the State Reserve of speech, China Cotton Association official for clarification, said that countries have not identified recent reservoir behind schedule, when the reservoir behind, how to throw Reserve will be to ensure market stability premise, according to the market for resources and market demand for textile enterprises to study to determine the operation. At the same time that the state’s macro regulation and the fundamental aim is to stabilize the market, under the premise of the protection of the interests of farmers, the need for protection of cotton textiles. This is basically for the future introduction of state regulation and control of the cotton market has made all the measures in principle footnote, how to understand or decode the national policy of early release information, grasp the key focus of policy control for cotton production, circulation and consumption of textiles will be has very important practical significance. And understand another point of view is that domestic cotton prices have room to rise, and once the prices of cotton, cotton yarn so its products will result in the pulling effect.


Polyester yarn: PTA prices last week, or amount of Qi, MEG continued consolidation, polyester raw material market is tired already. Polyester staple fiber prices by the impact of last week to run a smooth polyester yarn prices. As the raw materials fell flat market is expected to polyester yarn having a slight consolidation will continue.


Cotton were: Last week, cotton prices continued popularity of people, mainly viscose staple fiber price increase over the past few days, is expected shortly after the price will be increased steadily.