Stair needlepoint rugs laying practice

A fixation, stair needlepoint rugss (1) strut fixed (2) bonding fixed (3) card article, column and fixed stairs needlepoint rugs laying (1) laying pressure bar fastener. Corner of each level of the time the two fasteners, centerline symmetric embedding of the width of the stairs. Wall fastener hole hole equivalent to the distance away from the stair tread and playing surface, and slightly smaller than the thickness of the rug. (2) according to each level of the treads of the width of the tread, the playing surface net output length and cut out needlepoint rugss, such as considering the replacement of worn parts, perception of a certain length. (3) graduated from top to bottom lay the needlepoint rugs. On the top-level platform-using layering nail needlepoint rugs end: each level of the treads fastener location, cut the rug with narrow-necked, strut fastener can reach out and metal rods into the fastener hole, tighten the adjusting screw. (4) shall an metal antiskid stairs, fixed the rug is completed, the expansion screw (or plastic expansion pipe) slide the metal seated in the corner edges of treads Yang, nails from the 15~30CM. Three, bonded stationary stair needlepoint rugs laying (1) real measure by cutting needlepoint rugs. (2) all use full scrape adhesive. (3) adhesive Binder sit up from top to bottom on the tread of the staircase and the playing surface, on the appropriate drying after reset is Carpet adhesive, and flat shovel Gan shoe, needlepoint rugs roll, compacting. (4) to gradual spreading, gradually laying, avoid long scratch out the rubber needlepoint rugs, there is no settled. (5) shall be installed metal slider, with a compression-Rod fixation. (6) within the after paving 24H intend to prohibit abortion. Four, cards and fixed stairs needlepoint rugs laying (1) barbed nails the stair tread kicked me between both sides of the corner, two barbed 15MM of clearance between plates, barbed tendency for towards the nail corner on the Board. (2) blanket cushion should cover stair tread and around Yang Kok, covered in step width of the playing surface should not be less than 15MM. (3) needlepoint rugss by each level of the steps of the width of the tread and the playing surface and length cutting properly reserved. (4) top needlepoint rugs linings and nail the end of the platform, and then laying graduated from top to bottom. Each level of the time at the corner, needlepoint rugs with a flat shovel after strained to say one thing and do another barbed cracks between boards. (5) length reserved section, Diego step nailed at the lowest level of play