Standards for local cotton growers Guzu the pocket

“Cotton is like a flower, entirely to the standard charge, next year I kind of standard cotton.” A few days ago, is picking cotton Xiajin County Village Zhu Li Cuirong villagers looked at its own Xishangmeishao cotton field.

In 2008, Xiajin County standardization of quality cotton acreage to the development of 55 hectares, accounting for the county’s cotton acreage 90% of the model to reach 12,000 households, ranked No. 8 county Cotton 100, paragraph 2 of the province. The implementation of agricultural standardization, which greatly promoted the county’s cotton production and quality improvement, driven more than 20 million cotton farmers to increase access to the industrial chain, at the same time contributed greatly to the development of industrial enterprises in the county, urban and rural areas throughout the county become a focal point for rapid economic growth An important force. Standards for local cotton growers Guzu the pocket, business tasted the “sweet taste.”

Quality Supervision intimate human services. To do a good job in agricultural standardization, quality supervision departments Xiajin County set up a leading group for standardization of cotton, the detailed objectives and tasks, the implementation of the responsibilities of work and optimize the structure of the staff, focusing on the national level to speed up the standardization of cotton agriculture demonstration zones. Actively promote the standardization of the management of the new concept of promoting the standardization of agricultural production. Quality supervision departments in the county on the basis of extensive research, combined with local natural conditions, the establishment of the “standardization of cotton production technology point of order” and 5 local standards collection of 108 inspection and testing of cotton production and processing standards, the focus on the township’s agricultural and Enterprise managers a comprehensive Publicizing. At the same time, according to cotton growing season, the preparation of the proposed field management, scientific fertilization techniques, such as the proposed planting knowledge, standardization organizations, experts, in-depth technical service team were cotton growing areas, access to farmers, took to the Agrocybe to local farmers on the standardization of agricultural knowledge, will be the standardization of agricultural cultivation To the technical fields, was welcomed by farmers.

“Standard cotton” rich farmers. If someone asked farmers to get rich is the secret of what they will not hesitate to say that the agricultural standardization. Standardization of quality supervision departments at the county, under the guidance of professionals, after a great deal of research, will be a series of standard cotton in the promotion of the county. In recent years, the county’s strict accordance with the standardization of cotton cultivation, production and quality of cotton growing, prices rose steadily and gradually took to the road of quality and economic returns, resulting in the cotton across the country are buying each other.

Agricultural brand slogan. High-quality cotton quality has greatly boosted the development of industrial enterprises in the county. At present, the county’s textile industry has grown to 145, textile yarn capacity of 2,000,000 Zhan, spinning line with an annual output of various types of 375,000 tons, 30,000,000 sets of clothing sales, were turned over to the revenue account for 47 percent of the county, 52 %; Vegetable oil processing enterprises in the development of the 108 annual processing capacity of 1,600,000 tons. Cotton spinning industry has begun to high yarn, dyeing and finishing, weaving, clothing forward towards high value-added industry-level changes. At the same time, the county also guide enterprises to improve product depth processing capacity of enterprises to realize the diversification of product sales market, sales in the production process, tasted the “sweet taste.” Standardization of the county to promote the production of cotton production to achieve scale, brand, to achieve the quality, in order to better efficiency, the slogan Xiajin agricultural brand.