States continue to support the development and export of textile products

Less than two months, twice the export tax rebate rate increases sufficient to show that the country continue to develop and strengthen the determination of textile exports. This is thousands of textile Shishi, as a “cold winter” wind of the “Spring Breeze” and rejuvenation of the earth will soon appear life.

However, spring is just a message of climate change, it is necessary to harvest the fruits of the end of the farmers also depend on hard work. No doubt, including lions and other textile companies when the service to “Dongfeng”, brought about by the policy, “the opportunity to catch my breath,” You strive to do business, as soon as possible to enhance the competitiveness of export products and the added value of the shares into a powerful driving force for spring To promote textile and garment enterprises in a timely manner out of the woods.

In all fairness, the textile export enterprises, up 12 points, the export tax rebate rate, its actual impact on the positive, after all, limited. This is because the external environment this year is the worst of the multi-factor from the stack, the decline in textile export growth mainly come from every aspect of the decline in external demand which is the key to export. Therefore rely on the Government’s support for tax measures that will certainly not solve all the export enterprises are facing difficulties, it is important to many export enterprises should “fashion”, while enjoying the benefits at the same time restore the confidence of development, hard to do more to “hard work” As soon as possible to enhance the level of enterprises and increase their own innovation, more on the “excellent new” high-value-added products and forced open the door to markets outside the takes, to promote textile and garment exports “from the volume to the quality” of growth and achieve a healthy Sustainable development.