Summer clean needlepoint rugs tip

Poured into the 500 ml of water in the basin, then add two or three drops of essential balm, or a total of dew, mixed with a broom on the dip water cleaning of needlepoint rugss, indoor air moist sweet a place where people gather for various purposes, also plays a preventive role of mosquitoes in the summer. Using vinegar to eliminate pet odor on the needlepoint rugs in the warming of 4 water 4 cups of vinegar, with a towel after wrung the wet wipe. Vinegar not only prevents needlepoint rugs discoloration or fading, and also to eliminate pet odor (soda also has a deodorizing effect). Once the wipe, then put it in a ventilated area air dry then. When needlepoint rugs dust removal method for cleaning needlepoint rugss, you can sprinkle salt, inhibiting function of flying dust. Because salt can adsorption dust, even small dust can also clean up clean. At the same time, also make it more durable needlepoint rugs, color bright. Measures for the erasure of coffee stains on the needlepoint rugs if you accidentally spilled coffee on the needlepoint rugs, start with a dry cloth or paper absorb water, mixing equal amounts of liquor and alcohol again shines on the dirt, with a dry bupai wipe clean. If when there is no liquor, vinegar has the same effect. In view of this, if it has left to drink liquor, good use, maintaining home clean. In addition to coffee, including easier to tainted food stains of color such as black tea, can also be used the same method to clear. Clear the stained needlepoint rugs chewing gum approach first with plastic bags of ice cover on top, solidification of chewing gum. Push hands after the test, when fully hardened chewing gum, then pulling out of with a brush or toothbrush, thoroughly brush using the brush. Never use any diluted chemical agents, impaired because of this it will make needlepoint rugss, to gain.