Summer home cleaning tips

Into the summer, only good clean home environment, to avoid breeding bacteria cause illness. Home cleaning in addition to the Immaculate, there are many things to do. Sofa: handrails, seat is focused on fabric sofa fabric fibers easily remaining dust and dirt, but also easy to absorb moisture. After the summer, it is best to thoroughly clean. Couch stained with dirt on the surface with a clean cloth dipped in water special-purpose cleansing agent or sofa from the outside in brush, until you remove the dirt, but not a lot of water scrubbing to prevent water infiltration in the sofa, sofa frame inside moisture and deformation caused. If using vacuum cleaners, dust removal effect will be even better, sofas handrails, seat cushion and the gap is important to clean the site. During sunny weather, may wish to be removed cushions, cushion to the Sun, to remove moisture and kill mold. Important weekly dust on a regular basis. Floor: cracking sites hard brush if home use of floor cracks and crack, may also be wrung the cotton swab dipped in water to clean the floor. Clean is an important safeguard indoor environmental health steps, in the case of floors have gap, should be cleaned to avoid dirt accumulation. When cleaning the floor, focusing on vacuum absorbing dust and debris from crack sites, if you collect dirt cannot be aspirated, or corner, and so is not easy to clean up the place, you can use small brushes dipped in cleaner for cleaning the floor or floor cleaner directly down on the cloth, wipe. Carpets: vacuuming should shun wool needlepoint rugs cleaning, apart from normal cleaning, use mite-removal agent, sun exposure, get rid of mites and moulds. Due to the surface of the needlepoint rugs fibers, easy accumulation of dust, is often the best way to use the vacuum cleaner dust along the smooth hair direction, so you can keep the needlepoint rugs clean. Current vacuum cleaner pure aspiration, beat rod and bristle brush three rotary cleaning methods, apply close needlepoint rugs pile head and Terry needlepoint rugss, can only use the suction function of vacuum cleaners. In addition, using vacuum cleaners the last push, should be carried down the pile head direction. Bathroom: dry boil some tea to deodorant residue of tea, combustion smoke in the bathroom, can remove foul odor. When cleaning the toilet, dried orange peel burnt in the fire, you can clear the unpleasant odor. Dried flowers, leaves, plants, storage odor of radix aucklandiae are good articles, their aroma can keep more than two weeks. Will be arranged into the bottle in which are placed in the bathroom, every once in a while dropping a few drops of perfume. Such as pepper, cinnamon, fragrant leaves, are also good deodorants.