Summer of needlepoint rugs cleaning method

Summer collection must clean needlepoint rugs has many advantages, such as the elasticity good, beautiful and sound-absorbing, and so on, but in the summer if the shop is also a long needlepoint rugs in the room, feeling a little less fresh, so many people consider allowing needlepoint rugs to temporarily take a summer vacation, wait until the winter and then let them out of work. Although needlepoint rugss greatest shortcoming is to take care of some trouble, but as long as the time the dust, maintained properly, there is quite a long service life of the needlepoint rugs. Dirty tricks: (1), tea, coffee or beer, and soy sauce and other dirt: use needlepoint rugs cleaning liquid, borax or washing liquid, detergent, with repeated cleaning brush to get rid of, and then wash with qingshuiqing. (2) of tomato paste, sauces, and other Sticky: objects of strong absorbent napkins and the like could be used to stain absorbs, in addition to the net, with a brush after repeated cleaning, water wash. (3) lipid objects such as egg white, milk, ice cream: before washing with warm water and washing liquid, and then a special removal fat volatile oil. Reminder: you cannot use the hot water. Because protein heat easily cured, is not easy to remove scale, also causes the deformation of needlepoint rugs. Daily maintenance when used needlepoint rugs should avoid strong direct sunlight to avoid aging faded needlepoint rugs. Furniture leg contact needlepoint rugs, cushion or often moving furniture should be placed; on serious worn parts, apart from outside the protected by covers, you can also swap positions used. Due to the surface of the needlepoint rugs fibers, easy accumulation of dust, is often the best way to use the vacuum cleaner dust along the smooth hair direction, so you can keep the needlepoint rugs clean. Experts suggest that for needlepoint rugs vacuum once a week, so that dirt will not embed cashmere in the head, because dirt in the ground at the bottom, thus accelerating the wear. Current vacuum cleaner pure aspiration, beat rod and bristle brush three rotary cleaning methods, apply close needlepoint rugs pile head and Terry needlepoint rugss, can only use the suction function of vacuum cleaners. In addition, using vacuum cleaners last push down the pile head direction. Summer collection, if you need to hold up the needlepoint rugs, be sure to clean the needlepoint rugs, and then in the shade drying, patted the dust on the needlepoint rugs after release some pest control agent, and inverse roll up, remember not to try to do things the easy way to put up with setbacks and hard ground, needlepoint rugs transit line caused damage. Finally, sealed in plastic bags, placed ventilation and dry place. In addition, the needlepoint rugs must not open storage, or may make the needlepoint rugs by the emergence of insects or Sun fade, and so on. Worth noting is that cleanup is never with dentate or rough edge tools, this will damage the needlepoint rugs fibers on surface. Wool needlepoint rugss conflict occurs, you need to use clean towels soaked in hot water to clean, with a comb to remove dead hairs straight, iron, iron pad wet-bushunmao, may be reinstated.