Teaches you four tips that your needlepoint rugss are better maintained

1. comprehensive cleanup suit designs beautiful needlepoint rugs, people loved, who is not willing to let it prematurely “huarong pale”, in order to let the needlepoint rugs long section of the new, the best needlepoint rugss with a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis for thorough cleaning. Carpets usually after one year, you need to make a comprehensive and thorough cleaning. If this is the more upscale quality needlepoint rugss, you can send to a commercial needlepoint rugs cleaning company for cleaning. 2. local shop cleaning needlepoint rugs below the coffee table, sofa, dining table, are often the most easily “drink” gift to the host of fruit juice, Cola beverages. If you do not clean up in a timely manner, beloved needlepoint rugs I’m afraid is beyond recognition. Therefore, when you needlepoint rugs wash liquid, with a towel or paper towel to quickly clean surface absorption of dirt, and then a warm wet surface, and then repeatedly until the towels absorb water until no dirt. If met stubborn stains, will add soft agent to the warm water, stained with dirt surfaces in 5-15 minutes of immersion in water, then repeatedly wash with water will do. 3. natural dry a general imitation silk needlepoint rugs or small size rugs, washing machine to wash directly into the home. When in cleaning wool needlepoint rugs, should also be careful not to rub needlepoint rugs background. To avoid needlepoint rugs drying wrinkle, as long as the dry after cleaning needlepoint rugs. If it is a large needlepoint rugs, you may wish to wash the car, when dropped in the needlepoint rugs belt, high voltage faucet for washing the yard is very convenient, price is not high. 4. Brush picking furry needlepoint rugs, are you in the best winter warm partners, soft shine of hair color more people put it down. In order to let the needlepoint rugs after cleaning can recover the original beautiful faces, you need to do to the rug when seven or eight, silk-like fibers of the needlepoint rugs with a brush in the same direction to rationalize and comb combing neatly needlepoint rugs spike.