Textile enterprises will be starting in January 2009 to raise the wages of workers

Economic crisis led to reduced demand for the global market, India Tirupur textile exporters strive to ensure this year’s fiscal balance, in accordance with an assurance from the workers, textile enterprises from January 2009 onwards to raise the wages of workers.

In accordance with the manufacturer’s associations and workers unions and the Ministry of Labor in the 2006 tripartite agreement signed this year, December 31, textile workers in the daily basic wage will be increased 3%. However, the United States and Europe both Tirupur knitwear exporters suddenly entered a major market downturn, entrepreneurs are in the planning of the reduction of workers, workers are worried about whether their wages would increase. Knitting enterprise association in southern India and Tirupur Exporters Association president A. Sakthivel said that manufacturers and exporters will honor its promise, the workers wages will be in accordance with the agreement signed is improved.

Therefore, the reduction, sewing, ironing and packing sector workers from the basic company 110.60 rupees a day to 113.92 rupees.

In the inspection and supervision department workers, the basic daily wage from Rs 63.12 to Rs 65.01. Manually folding and sewing trademarks sector workers, the basic wage -58.60 rupees to 56.95 rupees, but now the wage is Rs 55.30-56.90.