Textile expertise: hand loom easy handling

1) too soft cloth: first white, and when white joined the FH 30G/L hydrophilic softener of knitted fabric: 30G/L of hydrophilic softener for DCW. 2) DP process: resin-impregnated-dehydration ¨C pre-baked–pressing ¨C baking ¨C cooling a. impregnating resins, resin formulations required based on the structure and fabric of the cloth’s strength indicators to adjust b. impregnation: equip the resin liquid immersion at room temperature in 5min, note different weaving separate treatment so as not to affect finishing of color color accuracy. C. dehydration: dehydration in the dewatering machine, control with liquid rate between 60¨C70% up. D. predrying: pre-drying in dryer, temperature is 50 degrees, residual moisture control between 20-30%. E. iron: iron pressing machine. F.100 g baking for 10 minutes. cooling: 3) light GARMENT WASH softener: TI:1g/l conditions: 40 degrees X5min wash tumble dry.