Textile export business in 2008 after concern about the situation

According to China’s accession to the WTO Working Group report, paragraph 242 provides that the special textile products will be limited to measures expire by the end of 2008, China and the United States, China and the EU bilateral textile memorandum of understanding will end at the same time. With the memorandum on the due date draws near, the majority of textile export business in 2008 after the relevant policies and export very much concerned about the situation. In recent days, Secretary of Foreign Trade and head of the Ministry of Commerce issued a statement:

In 2005 after the textile integration, Europe and the United States and other countries worry that China’s textile exports due to the huge potential of China’s textile frequently take a variety of trade remedy measures, and continue to spread to other countries, the impact on the overall integration of textile trade after China’s Environment Stability. In 2005, China and the EU, China and the United States after several rounds of negotiations have been signed an agreement on bilateral textile trade memorandum of understanding, a comprehensive solution of the Sino-EU, Sino-US textile trade friction, but also for other developing countries to ease the textile issue, China’s export enterprises to create a stable and predictable trade environment for the global textile trade integration has contributed to a smooth transition.

The United States and Europe during the implementation of the bilateral memorandum, China’s textile exports to the steady growth in Europe and the United States, continue to optimize the product mix in the import market share rising. Facts have proved that the memorandum into account the multi-stakeholder, in order to facilitate the textile industry as represented by the healthy development of labor-intensive industries played a good role.

December 31, 2008, China’s accession to the WTO Working Group report, paragraph 242, as well as measures to limit the special textile China and the United States, the China-EU textile memorandum expires, WTO members will no longer be able to invoke section 242 of the implementation of restrictions on textiles and I , The Commerce Department since January 1, 2009 will no longer be implemented from the U.S. textile exports and the number of permits and textile exports to the EU export license management.

At present, the international financial market turmoil in the rapid world economic growth is slowing down, the international economic environment, increased instability, China’s textile exports are faced with new situations and new problems. According to Chinese customs statistics, the 2008 January-September cumulative exports of textiles and garments, I 136,940,000,000 U.S. dollars, up 8.1 percent, an increase of the same period last year dropped 11.9 percent. Among them, exports to the United States 19,240,000,000 U.S. dollars, up 1.4 percent, an increase of the same period last year dropped by 28 percentage points; exports to the EU due to the liberalization of quantitative restrictions, maintaining a relatively high growth rate.

Under the current circumstances, to implement the State Council executive meeting, textiles and other labor-intensive to maintain the steady growth of exports, we will further strengthen cooperation with the countries of the dialogue and communication to ensure a smooth transition for China’s textile export to create a good external environment ; Commerce authorities at all levels should continue to do service work, guide enterprises to change growth mode, adjust the product mix; the relevant industry association to give full play to the bridges and links, active self-regulation among industries to coordinate the work of law, take the initiative to maintain the export order China’s textile exports to maintain stability and sustainable development; the majority of textile export enterprises to actively change their ideas, as soon as next year to adapt to the new situation in an orderly arrangement of the export plan in 2009 to avoid blind expansion of production capacity and strive to improve the quality and value-added products, Striving brand export products, Chinese textile products to enhance the international competitiveness and ability to resist risks.