Textile Fair how to better promote the development of the global textile industry vane

During 20 days in order to “align the Olympic Games” as the theme of the 10th International Fair of the West Lake in Hangzhou, China (hereinafter referred to as the West will be) in the Oct. 18 opening of the best so far, more than half of the trip. That ran on weekdays on the West Lake, this time in the world is to attract more guests, the West Lake of the surging crowd and Huguangshanse worthy rival.

For the first time will participate in the West, the last of a long, rich content, in the form of new reporters to the left a deep impression. In the current economic situation, China 2008 (Keqiao) International Textile Fair (hereinafter referred to as spinning Fair) drew extraordinary attention at the same time, the Second Exhibition of electronic information, APEC Business Advisory Council for SMEs in the Asia-Pacific summit, the Global Business Network Financial Services and the General Assembly and the International Symposium on Information Technology is also overwhelmed.

Hangzhou also attracted a lot of attention focused on building the platform for investment – “2008 West will be invested in co-operation Week,” Sino-Japanese economic and trade co-operation Fair, outsourcing services such as investment thematic more than fair to a variety of forms to domestic Foreign businessmen recommended investment cooperation projects, to provide a lot of venture investment opportunities.

Close to see charming Keqiao Textile Fair

Textile Fair attracted a lot of attention because of a few days ago due to the Trade and Industry Bureau of Jiangsu Province issued the “Yangtze River Delta region in the first half of foreign-invested enterprises and the development of analysis.” The report said: in the first half of the Yangtze River Delta region of the traditional foreign manufacturing growth slowed sharply, growing from the stock market, with a total investment of indicators such as growth rate lower than the national average of new cases. Data show that: in the first half of this year, a total of 4119 foreign companies to write-off and the suspension of the way from the market in the Yangtze River Delta, most of them manufacturing enterprises. Diminish the enthusiasm of foreign capital is the most visible real estate industry, a larger decline of the textile and garment industry, leather down, shoes and hats manufacturing industries.

From the stock market is the main reason foreign enterprises to improve operating costs. U.S. loan crisis spread to the meeting of the foreign-funded enterprises to invest in China. U.S. economic growth slowed significantly, leading to a sharp decline in the international market demand for a direct impact on export businesses. Foreign textile enterprises in Zhejiang Province set up new households, with a total investment of registered capital and foreign subscription drop as much as 50%. Hangzhou textile industry as a whole is expected to profit losses of up to 1,000,000,000 yuan.

In the current downturn in the textile industry background, textile fair held in the textile industry has greatly enhanced the confidence of the development of adversity. In fact, in the past, spinning outside Fair exhibitors are participating, “fragmentation”, the group has never emerged. This year the first group of foreign exhibitors, this service is spinning industry is a major business opportunities.

In April 1999, the first spin of a fair hit, the turnover of 515,000,000 yuan. Relying on China Light & Textile Industrial City hosted the event for textiles, not only for domestic textile enterprises and the large number of distributors is a display of products, a good opportunity to promote sales, but also to expand their markets in the textile industry in Shaoxing, promote industrial restructuring, accelerate Light & Textile Industrial City Development has far-reaching impact.

With the foreign trade of textile enterprises in-depth development of Shaoxing “China (Shaoxing) Textile and WTO” as the theme of the second Expo spinning the “Government-led organizations, professional collaboration, to participate in the relevant departments, operation of the single market, Funding shortfall “of new ideas and Fair spinning nearly 60% of the cost of the operation of the market through such means as to be addressed. Textile Products Fair at the third turnover 1,021,000,000 yuan. By the China Textile City Limited in association spinning of the fourth fair, the contractor by a government contractor, a gradual approach to market-oriented operation of a number of booths increased to 467. The fifth is the first official word “international” in the name. Contractors in the sixth on the way once again be adjusted to the original enterprise-wide operations for government contractors, business operation and organization, and so strengthen its efforts to increase the share of foreign investors, becoming more internationalized .

Since 2006, the seventh, spinning into the State Fair, the Commerce Department to determine the focus of support for the exhibition, and the “government sponsored, supported, enterprise participation and market operation” mode of operation, set up 864 exhibition, and for the first time internationally renowned Frankfurt’s Exhibition Co., Ltd. for cooperation, the number of visitors reached 76,000 people, including professional buyers up to 28,000 people, 6,700 were from abroad, to achieve turnover of 2,751,000,000 yuan, a total of 30 cooperation projects signed, with a total investment amounting to 3.5 billion, became the most influential first-class professional exhibition.

In 2007 and 2008 textile expo, Chinese textile Keqiao Index, textiles voice Keqiao flowers. Oct. 9 this year, the approval of the State Council, officially became a Fair Textile Exhibition at the national level.

Textile Fair how to better promote the Convention and Exhibition Industry

Oct. 26, spinning Fair is held in a textile enterprises with overseas buyers attracted to discuss docking reporters.

“If you can do this special black, the next week alone we have 10,000 meters, finished products, if customer satisfaction, it signed a long-term contract to ensure a monthly list of counters 1-2.” “Can, What fabric is all-wool or Quandi … … “This is from Canada and the procurement of Xiaoshan, a textile group who is responsible for negotiating the dialogue. The Canadian men’s fabric buyers Charlie Fair to be held in less than an hour, and Shaoxing, Xiaoshan 4, and other fabric suppliers with the intention of cooperation, but also the last phase of the 20 thick-fabric trousers.

It is understood that in this campaign, nearly 200 textile enterprises evaded as a provider with the latest fabric samples, looking for the buyers. From the United States, South Korea, Japan and the Middle East for nearly 50 overseas buyers in beautiful fabrics, “Ocean”, to select their own favorite fabric.

According to information provided by the show: the current spinning Fair 1123 set up booths, about 500 exhibitors and professional buyers more than 20,000, of which the United States, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, South Korea, more than 90 countries and regions The buyers outside the group of about 2,000 people. This is the fair this year, spinning in the face of adversity industry has the biggest bright spot: the first offshore production area, the display area by the European business, show business in Asia, Europe well-known designers to display areas, etc., so that well-known overseas exhibitors Show business to focus on the latest international fashion and fabric design; from eight countries more than 10 internationally renowned design studio, its chief designer to carry the latest design works show the collective spinning Fair; set up a “creative” focus area to promote ” The local community, “the highest level of original works.

In recent years, with spinning Fair and influence efforts to promote the increased internationalization of the rising level of foreign exhibitors after another. To this end, spinning the PC Fair specialized in the World Trade Center on the second floor of the A area outside the exhibition opened, the show focused on foreign exhibitors bring the latest fabrics and design. Frankfurt fabric of the show regulars: Germany Nestor Limited, Italy Santoni, and other companies from several European business delegation composed of Europe, to display the latest research and development work clothing and fabric were particularly noticeable.

Exhibition industry revenue related to the 1:9 lead, has long been a consensus for the community. Exhibition to promote trade and investment so as to show to show Xingshi to show fame. Professional exhibition industry innovation to gather resources to expand the brand impact to the birth of new business opportunities, market professionals can Exhibition “Trade and Exhibition” (temporary market) and the “professional market” (a permanent market environment) are two different The form of market close, interactive complement each other and improve the supply chain to provide value-added services.

In addition to the lead and finance, hotel, and other industries, textile fair for the development of creative industries, laying the way. Since last year, Italy and France Sophie Fair Textile Design Co., Ltd. for the first time exhibitors this year, Germany, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Spain and other countries and regions attracted some well-known designers. This is to let people see that the China Light & Textile Industrial City from the international textile innovation center is no longer distant dream.

Keqiao Index:

The development of the global textile industry vane

Shaoxing County China as an important textile production base in the country’s textile sector, an important status. China Light & Textile Industrial City as Asia’s largest distribution center for textile products have been exported to 173 countries and regions, market turnover in 2007 of up to 57,500,000,000 yuan in the country and even the world’s high profile and strong influence. On October 21 last year, China’s first textile index – “China’s textile index Keqiao” Keqiao in the world to officially release, Shaoxing County, to further secure their own words on the textile industry, has established itself in the industry benchmarking , Shows the direction of development of the global textile industry.

“In the light and textile products, China’s largest market – China Light & Textile Industrial City released the index, accounting for the world’s largest market share in China’s textile industry, its significance lies not only compete for the right to speak, providing a barometer, the deeper meaning It also is able to promote the upgrading of industries in transition, changing the way the development of China’s textile industry to enhance its competitiveness. “Expert evaluation of the case.

In fact, the release of a professional textile index, Shaoxing County, have obvious advantages of industry and market advantages. China Light & Textile Industrial City Management Committee, director of construction, such as Zhou said that China’s manufacturing, China to the Chinese market index, China’s economic development is the inevitable result of China’s reform and opening up and economic globalization, the international transfer of industry and resources to configure the inevitable result of globalization, China marked the development of the market economy to a higher level of the update.

Relevant industry experts also pointed out that: “Chinese textile Keqiao index” is conducive to the preparation and release faster and better construction of China Light & Textile Industrial City to ensure that its domestic textile market in the center; conducive to the expansion of China Light & Textile Industrial City International reputation and enhance its international competitiveness; help promote the upgrading of Shaoxing textile industry and promote sustainable economic development in Shaoxing.

“China’s textile index Keqiao” after the release not only caused great repercussions in domestic and foreign has become increasingly concerned about the degree. As the international oil price volatility, the upstream and downstream textile products, changes in the price is very clear that the national textile industry needed a “barometer.” Shaoxing and Keqiao for the industry’s “barometer” to cover the chemical fiber raw materials, fabric, apparel fabrics, textile fabrics and accessories category 5, and its 35 sub-categories and sub-288. China Light & Textile Industrial City at around the distribution of a large number of textile enterprises in China Light & Textile Industrial City of trading products, from more than 30% of Shaoxing County. “Industry and Trade integration” into China Textile City, Shaoxing, as well as characteristics of the industry, “one industry and trade,” but also “Keqiao index” is different from other official statistics, appears to be more specific.

“Textile market has become increasingly fierce, textile products, updates faster and faster, increasing pressure on textile exports, ‘Chinese textile index Keqiao’ China Light & Textile Industrial City to expand the popularity and enhance the market competitiveness of Chinese textile products, For the production of enterprises and households in the market to operate to provide various types of textile production and sales prices and the market economy status information on the production and management are very useful. “Shaoxing Textile Co., Ltd. Chun-Hao Jun, chairman of Pengshui said.

Some companies rely on the index is carried out in transition. “Index” of the type of fabric index of Shaoxing Textile Co., Ltd. Yong-jun’s new product development was a great help. “Chinese textile Keqiao index” is published, the business climate index for use to make a certain kind of distinction between high-index products at this stage the company has become the great efforts of the custom object, product development will produce its desired effects. Through its research and development, the index higher cotton, rayon and other elements into them, so that more products and more delicate texture, a better product to sell.