Textile industry chain development of remodeling a crisis of confidence

China International Trade Promotion Branch, vice president of the textile industry think, although there is the brink of collapse, many textile enterprises crisis, but the situation is grim than the market even more terrifying is the confidence of frustration.

Remodeling in the development of a crisis of confidence

First quarter of this year, the textile industry is a foregone conclusion the economy down. China International Trade Promotion Branch, vice president of the textile industry told reporters that the month 9,10 from 2008 onwards, some enterprises a significant decline in orders has doomed first half of this year the situation will aggravate the economic downturn. The first half of 2009 China’s textile industry will be the most difficult times, the market has reduced the demand for consumer-grade drop in business to open up the market would pose serious challenges.

Than the market was facing a grim situation even more terrifying is the confidence of frustration. “We should not wait and must be changed.”said that in 2009 the exhibition of the textile industry is seeking a professional change, in order to build a more comprehensive trade and information exchange platform to help enterprises to open up emerging markets, rebuild confidence, out of the woods. Upcoming March 29 -31 in Beijing China International Exhibition Center, organized by CHIC, fabric and yarn Fair exhibition will focus on “deepening of the industrial chain linkage, to guide enterprises in technological innovation,” the general idea of the layout, from the Office of outreach ideas and personalized services take the lead in practicing.

   think that the upcoming China International Textile and Accessories Fair in the breeze of the situation, let people see that confidence. Enrollment from the current situation, show the scale of not narrowed, and the size of 48,000 square meters last year, basically the same, some of the old exhibitors has also expanded its exhibition space.

  analysis pointed out that the adjustment process in the industry, some small businesses as a result of technological transformation is not completed in time, can not keep up the current market situation, and can not participate in competition. Those who advance technology upgrade, adjust product structure, improve the internal management of enterprises has ushered in opportunities for development. Limited market orders will gradually concentrated in the hands of large enterprises, and some large enterprises have already placed orders for the end of this year. For instance, DuPont, Lenzing Fibers, etc. Products have original enterprise, business is still a high-speed growth momentum. These international-class fiber manufacturing enterprises will continue to appear in the fabric of this spring show.

Through the breeze, the think, “to speed up the expansion of large enterprises, small enterprises from the competition” pattern will be in this year’s exhibition can be fully reflected. He also pointed out that the strength of the expansion of enterprises will be encouraged by the appearance of confidence in the future development of the industry, more businesses can also be obtained through the exhibition of outstanding enterprises to respond to crises and methods of thinking, reshaping the development of confidence.

Pushing upstream and downstream industry chain linkage

By the financial crisis, trade stacking adjust downward the impact of the special historical period, the Promotion of International Trade to actively adjust the textile exhibition ideas, from the breeze, and service all aspects of innovation and help enterprises to open up emerging markets to guide the technological upgrading of enterprises.

In It appears that market that contains two levels, the international markets and domestic markets. In the international market, China Textile Industry, CCPIT will guide enterprises to open up branches in Southeast Asia, North Africa, Latin America and other emerging markets. Because the impact of financial crisis makes Europe and the United States textile and apparel orders dropped, and this downward trend in first half of this year may not be able to turn for the better. Under such circumstances, further efforts to open up Europe and the United States under the market can only achieve very little. Recently, the South-East Asia, North Africa, Latin America to China has a huge demand for fabrics.

According to customs statistics, in 2008 January to September, China’s fabric exports amounted to 23.583 billion U.S. dollars, up 18.35 percent, of which Asia is the fabric of our major export markets, exports 14.149 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 12. 11 percent, accounting for 60 percent of global exports; of Africa and Latin America, respectively, year on year export growth of 38% and 34%. Based on this market trend, the Chinese textile industry branch of the Promotion of International Trade will increase in South-East Asia, Latin America and other regions to invite businessmen, and thus the fabric exhibitors enterprises to open up emerging markets to provide more opportunities.

In opening up the domestic market, especially in the financial crisis under the influence of externally-oriented guide to make the textile enterprises to explore the mainland market, the textile and the Promotion of International Trade will vigorously promote the upstream and downstream industry chain linkage. According to introduction, this year will have a sense of Textile Trade and the upstream and downstream industry chain involving several professional exhibition concentrated in the same city, held during the same period for the upstream and downstream industry chain linkage provide a good environment. Fabric of this year’s exhibition, the Promotion of International Trade will increase the textile and garment enterprises efforts to invite buyers, and actively promote the clothing enterprises buyers to participate in the development of fabrics to; structures technology exchange platform for both supply and demand in the new technologies, new fibers, etc. conduct extensive exchanges. that only open up the industrial chain of linked exchange platform in order to help businesses ride out the storm implement.

Guide enterprises to the technological upgrading of industry background is a major mission of the professional exhibitions. Issued because only the development of original new products, new materials, opening up markets is a source of motivation. If the business remains in the original technology of small leather, you can not escape the market to shrink and drop files Product destiny. believe that the fabric of our country should learn from foreign enterprises enterprise development and promotion of new products and practices, beginning with an original focus on R & D of new technology products, and with the sustained development of the concept of evolution; followed by new product development and standard-setting closely linked; In addition, specializes in simple, vivid way, the concept of new product technology into consumer acceptance of the image can understand language, so as to really achieve the purpose of marketing.