Textile industry clusters related to the government and enterprises were responsible for the forum held in Beijing

“Untied funds to small and medium enterprises in time of rain, when will the next to the textile and garment piece of arid lands?” This is the country have made it clear that “China’s textile and garment industry is a pillar industry, the state should support,” the China Textile Industry Association Du Yuzhou, president of the general textile and garment industry’s appeal to small and medium enterprises.

Light and textile industry to promote the healthy development of the 6 policy, a key is to encourage and guide financial institutions to increase financial support. November 19, the China Textile Industry Council convened part of the textile industry cluster in charge of the government and related enterprises in Beijing held a forum to discuss how to solve the difficult problem of financing loans to small and medium enterprises. China National Textile and Apparel Council Du Yuzhou, president, vice president of the Wang Tiankai, China Knitting Industry Association Yang Shibin chairman of the association, such as leadership, as well as from Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanxi, Guangdong and other places of business and government representatives to participate in the discussion.

Loans are still difficult

“The chain of funding difficulties in the first half of the businesses are closed off by the bank loan was troubled. Bank loan has been taken away, businesses have not paid back, at the same time, guarantees or insurance companies evacuated non-renewal after the expiry of the situation in Vietnam To the more serious. “Shengze Town, Jiangsu Province, deputy secretary of money allowed to introduce the new local conditions.

Chuan Jiang is the town of Tongzhou in Jiangsu’s textile industry base, the city’s 2 / 3 textile enterprises located here. The mayor said Chen Jianjun, Tongzhou bank in the city in October this year, from 1 to lend 2.8 billion more than last year or so, but no increase in the textile industry. San Siyue copies of this year, the textile industry, some banks will be classified as “high-risk industry”, the textile business loans very difficult.

Even if loans can, the conditions are very harsh. Textile enterprises to bank loans, fixed assets have been forced to lower discount rates. Land plants before the discount rate of six to 30, now a billion of investment in fixed assets, loans of up to 40,000,000. At the same time, business has increased the cost of security: the security requirements of enterprises million loan to help the company, they can get funds 9,000,000, and 1,000,000 as a guarantee fee to the bonding companies, but according to the 10,000,000 principal amount of interest paid to banks .

These problems exist in many places. No way out of the way private enterprise can only call – loan-sharking, every day 2.5 ~ 5 ‰ interest rates, possible solutions to the urgent needs of the week, longer hours, is equivalent to suicide.

Cluster Eight Immortals crossing the sea to the Government

Raising the threshold for bank loans more difficult, the local industrial clusters have to find ways to solve the funding problem for enterprises in some places the practice of fruitful.

Friend Group, Zhao Lin, chairman of the board to take the lead in the Zhuji City Entrepreneurs Association of Zhang Yi has a special function: to encounter difficulties in financing the enterprise, “to raise the money.” Three years ago, Zhuji City, close to 80 enterprises, as many as one million, at least half a million, a total of 50,000,000 to raise funds, set up emergency Zhuji Entrepreneurs Association mutual funds. City finances are also lending million contingency fund to encourage mutual help among enterprises. The development of good corporate short-term financing problems encountered when Jienangxiangzhu Fund, the cycle is generally less than ten days, the overdue interest rate increase will be. At present, a total solution to the “U-turn” financial difficulties 33 times this year alone, there are 16 times. Because the companies know that after such a fund to provide loans to the bank than other places easier. Zhao proud to be in the fund known as the textile industry Zhuji “Jiuxin pill.”

In Shaoxing, Economic and Trade Commission and other units also pave the way for the bridge financing for small and medium enterprises. City Department of Finance to come up with a billion, the bank, the bank come up with a billion match, “keep one equipped with a” business as a loan to fund the start. The size of the total assets of 50,000,000 in the following businesses are eligible for loans to the fund in order to guarantee credit. This fund provides loans of small amount to a maximum 3,000,000, for working capital loans to small and medium enterprises. Bank interest by walking, and there is no “loss accounts.” Shaoxing Economic and Trade Commission, deputy director of the city to fly, at present, the Financial Bank in this project deposits 160,000,000, 300,000,000 business loans have been. Only at the beginning of a more positive medium-sized and small banks, but to be effective, such as the Industrial and Commercial Bank of the big banks have come. 160,000,000 now can no longer meet the needs of enterprises, the Government is considering the expansion of investment, as more companies solve their problems.

Because of the special textile and garment enterprises, the company secured loans in a pivotal position. Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province set up a security company in 2001, all funds from the government finance. Put in a security company 50,000,000 secured funds to the bank, five to 10 times magnification, up to five billion loan. Government to come up with the bad debt reserve each year, according to the amount of the transaction occurred in 1.5 percent on banks, problems, banks and government “28 hours” responsibility, so that the risk of small banks. Bank of Communications, China Construction Bank, local credit cooperatives and Guangdong Development Bank, to provide loans.

Xiaolan Li Xichang deputy mayor said that the Siu Lam, the company has secured more than 240 enterprises 2,000,000,000 yuan guarantees are secured by 77 enterprises, of which 7 textile enterprises, involving an amount of 34,200,000 yuan.

Li Xichang also revealed that next month Xiaolan Town, the province will set up the first village bank is expected to increase next year specifically for small and medium enterprises 3.5 billion in loans, the Bank towns and villages look forward to the flexibility of more convenient services for enterprises.

Implementation of the policy is the key

There are multiple reasons for difficulty in obtaining loans. In early 2006, the textile industry is listed as a potential “overcapacity,” the industry this year, the central belt-tightening monetary policy, bank got wind of “focus” textile and garment enterprises in the industry appreciation of the renminbi, the prices of raw materials, such as reducing the share of overseas markets Under pressure to reduce the profits of the banks concerned that jeopardize the interests of “concern” is the result of Wu Jin pocket, do not easily loan.

With the approach of New Year’s Day, Spring Festival is followed. The two “New Year” between the business needs of a large amount of money, this time most in need of the bank’s “timely rain.” Although the textile industry this year, often snow, but from the central to local levels of government, and an association of companies has been working, and results are apparent. The new policy has a clear direction, the letter is the key. Association active in mediation, the central and local government agencies at all levels to protect the textile and garment enterprises, banks and hope that financial institutions can open the door, and inject new vitality into the relations so that the livelihood of thousands of industrial harmony guard.