Textile industry to join with both internal and external to the “army of cards” in the ranks

Home industry has gone through more than 10 years of integration, and finally entered on the right track, have called home industry as “D prefix” train in the rapid advance of the. Especially in the last two years, home is a smooth development of the industry, to strengthen brand awareness and market demand, whether buyers or sellers are now regarded as a great harvest. However, this year the situation has been relentlessly to break, was “D prefix” express industry were “internal trade” and “external trade” had to drag a brake in a row, the rate of growth of domestic industry as a whole is already slowing down An indisputable fact.

Internal trade

First, the furniture industry with both internal and external situation

Raw materials prices, labor costs and a gradual increase in the province led to the increase in the cost of furniture, furniture making enterprises increased cost pressures. Since the beginning of June last year, timber, paper materials, metal alloys and other raw materials prices rose a total of 5% to 20%, with the prices of raw materials, furniture commodity prices generally rose, various types of furniture, decoration materials, such as price The average increase has reached 10% to 20%. Beijing Market Association Branch of the home market of the Secretary-General Liu Chen said that the cost of raw materials to increase the labor costs of all furniture so that enterprises are faced with severe situation.

Last year, the Ministry of Finance and State Administration of Taxation jointly issued the “State Administration of Taxation, the Ministry of Finance on the reduction of export tax rebate rate of some commodities,” which the abolition of export tax rebate of goods involved in “leather, wood and one-time part of the woodwork” to lower exports The tax rebate rate of goods involved in the “plastics and rubber and its products, and some of the stone and ceramic products, some of the iron and steel products, furniture, as well as viscose.” Furniture export tax rebate rate down to 9% or 11%, some wood products export tax rebate rate down to 5%. The new export tax rebate policy, RMB appreciation, making furniture export profits have fallen sharply, and export-oriented enterprises in the furniture in before difficult. Increase the export of resistance, had been part of the export business to the domestic market, further exacerbated the intensity of competition in the domestic market.

Corporate profits have been compressed by a very thin, then the furniture prices are also inevitable, the furniture business in a short period of time in order to be able to better and faster development, then we must begin by furniture design, start with some of the handmade, Into the deep cultural connotation of the furniture in order to enhance the value-added products. With the competition and the market further, the furniture industry’s profits are likely to become increasingly thin in the future to fight corporate profits and the size of the economies of scale.

Then the prices of raw materials, cost, hampered by factors such as export furniture industry has been so great, this factor would result in domestic industry as a whole over time, slow development.

Second, the textile industry to join the “army of cards” in the ranks

The abolition of global textile quotas, Chinese textile enterprises is an urgent need, through such means as mergers and acquisitions, with foreign multinational corporations to cultivate the power play together; in the country, including revaluation of the RMB and the export tax rebate rate policy-oriented industries, such as adjustment of the domestic textile industry seeking to force Increase the capacity of innovation, enhance core competitiveness of traditional industries as textile industry to achieve innovative development is not an easy task, the textile industry is the “army of cards” in the ranks.

People decorate the family although the concept has been greatly improved, but by a variety of factors, so far this year, Jia Zhuangye also tepid support, so decorative cloth industry sales have not significantly improved. Home home is an important part of the instability in the textile industry, have a direct impact on the overall home.

External trade

First, a weak real estate industry

Real estate is the home of the downstream industries, changes in a variety of real estate will have a direct impact on domestic industry. The hot property market in 2007 to bring home a lot of opportunities, and their rapid development, and into 2008, the property market “turning point”, as part of its downstream industries by the natural home industry “involved.” This year, the state’s large and medium-sized cities, conducted macro-control housing prices in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and other cities, house prices fell by the impact of the delay in the buyers want to wait and see, so that submitted to the rate of decline in a row And not sell the house, how can we talk about follow-up to the consumer?

Statistical data, in the first half of this year, Shenzhen is a new transaction 1,560,000 square meters, if maintained in the second half of the first half of the level of annual turnover will be only 3,000,000 square meters early this data has been forced to revert to its 1997 level, after , In 2007 is 700 million square meters in 2006 is 9,000,000 square meters. Beijing Real Estate Exchange Network-to-date data show that in July the same period last year dropped nearly 6-cheng, a record year, the largest decline. Shanghai’s new house in July trading volume fell into three, resulting in half of the poor sales of new homes. These large cities in the real estate industry in the doldrums, natural connection to the home of the supermarkets sales, so that the home industry as a whole in a tepid state.

Second, the cold phase of the stock market

This year’s A-share market continued to decline and resulted in 10,000 applications for all industry rate of return for all the negative. Among non-ferrous metals, the delivery of equipment and real estate sector fell by 58.24 percent, 56.94 percent and 52.91 percent, this year’s decline since the three top plate industry, which has become China’s stock market decline in the world. Deutsche Bank to the 642 individual investors were investigated in the past six months as a result of their stock investment losses of its annual income of 76%. This phenomenon is bound to affect the consumer’s part of the crowd. The industry said that the people who have the ability to invest if the renovation, the home of the industry’s per capita contribution to the force often in the more than 100,000 yuan.

Hold-up the stock market because a lot of home industry mainstream consumer groups, so fitting decoration industry has been very natural, inhibiting the development of the domestic industry’s pace.

Third, rising oil prices during the

This year National Development and Reform Commission issued a circular on June 20 since the beginning of petrol, diesel prices to raise 1,000 yuan per ton, the price of aviation kerosene to raise 1,500 yuan per ton. Gasoline and diesel national average retail price of the benchmark by 5980 yuan per ton and 5520 yuan adjusted to 6520 yuan and 6980 yuan; up 8% after the national average retail price of 7540 yuan per ton and 7040 yuan; equivalent of about a liter, respectively To raise 0.92 yuan and 0.8 yuan. Ex-factory price of aviation kerosene by 5950 yuan per ton to adjust to 7450 yuan. At the same time, and notice since July 1, will be the national average sales price of 2.5 cents per kilowatt-hour raise.

Someone asked, rising oil prices on the domestic industry to have much impact? On the surface, the relationship between the two does not seem to be very obvious that they are intrinsically linked to very close. Oil prices have a direct impact on the way down the paint, flooring and ceramic industry costs, which is the home of the raw materials industry. Based on energy, oil prices, making the already suffering from pressure on the cost of raw materials prices, such as multiple domestic and international market factors of domestic industry, building materials industry further, to further reduce profit margins.

If the international crude oil prices continue to rise, or to maintain the current high state of the domestic oil prices and low prices long-term is clearly impossible. How to deal with rising oil prices, the response of the business? Executives have given more or less the same answer. Chen Hui Li Zhihua said: “The response to the rising costs, in addition to businesses digesting in-house, through scientific and technological innovation to develop new products and find new growth point and the market space, there is no second law.”

Home industry has gone through more than 10 years of integration, and finally entered on the right track, have called home industry as “D prefix” train in the rapid advance of the. Especially in the last two years, home is a smooth development of the industry, to strengthen brand awareness and market demand, whether buyers or sellers are now regarded as a great harvest.

Home to face difficulties in a rational industry innovation and development

As the domestic industry was “internal” and “external”, over time, the pace of development is certainly slow. Home of major industries will be rational in the face of the current difficulties and obstacles, determined to innovation, seek better development. Some in the industry who have made the city their views and opinions.

National Association of Industry and Commerce Association, decorative furniture-Secretary-General Zhang Xi for the furniture industry, said that the furniture enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and innovation is the main task and objectives so that only those with their own technology and ideas can really occupied furniture market, which also can not be separated from Innovation. Furniture industry previously mentioned innovation, in order to better development, and this year’s “innovation” do not have a meaningful, he will mean the furniture business of life and death.

China Building Decoration Association, residential decoration Authority of the Secretary-General Zhang summed up in one sentence decoration of the current industry status quo, “decoration industry on the road is tortuous, but the future is bright.” Home on the impact of major enterprises Instead, decoration from the market itself. Decoration market is not standardized, enterprise renovation share of the market share of the smaller, more without a license from non-entity, without the protection of the guerrillas won the decoration. Decoration and people’s lives and safety and environmental protection are closely related, how to strengthen the industry-access system, regulate market behavior the industry is the key to the development of the industry.

Whether it is “internal” or “external”, the home industry is a test run, so that the difficulties of this year, is a challenge, but also a high-level development.