The basic structure of the carpet Tufting

Tufting carpet surface of the blanket down in the first structure that is basically only three: Quanrong, and lap terry / Pile.

Its formation as follows.

1. Quanrong carpet surface to form cashmere lap blanket in the process as follows. Tufting pin down when the introduction of yarn after falling at the same time before the end of cloth, made from the original circle hook down from the left circle. When the needle Tufting continued to decline to the lowest position) show, this time into a circle hook Tufting close to the pin and move to the right, and ready to hook the formation of a new lap down. Into a circle hook is a thin sheet, shaped like inverted hockey sticks, about 4in. Gou Jian referred to in the direction of the end of cloth and removed the same direction. Tufting when the needle out of the end of cloth, such as icons, this time into a circle hook at the end of the cloth at the bottom has been holding a new circle of velvet. Tufting again when the fall, then hook into a circle to the left back, but at the same time at the end of cloth forward, to make this the first lap down from the ring into a hook. Completed a form into a circle. In Tufting, often cashmere yarn to feed the people have to adjust less than the length of cloth at the end of the hook and loop into the distance, to form a circle of velvet automatically 1/16in back around, so make cloth on the back of the end of a pull-pin Tight. Tufting in the hands of the general rate of 650 to 1 500 or so Tufting cycle.

Quanrong into the circle process diagram
1 Tufting a needle; a 2 cashmere yarn; 3 at the end of a cloth; 4 into a circle hook

2. Pile of Pile carpet production methods and carpet Quanrong more or less the same, but has formed on the basis of Quanrong, then cut down lap. To this end equipment and more a Pile of the knife, knife Pile made for the spring steel, installed on the side of the hook into a circle. Circle hooks into the shape of the circle with cashmere used by different people, and its front end a little more than barbed, and the installation of direction is working with the Quanrong used by the opposite) when Tufting needle drop, moving into a circle to the left hook For the formation of the hook is about to ring down to prepare for, and the original on the hook on the sequential down along the circle into a circle hook slide and left part of the barb. Tufting when the needle dropped to the lowest point) into a circle hook in the cashmere yarn and needle between the Tufting through. Pile then drop a knife, so that previously formed along the circle down into the right circle hook slide. Then into a circle hook to seize the new lap down after the retreat began, for example, at the same time knife Pile up to the highest position in the blade up at the same time, the circle hook knife will be the last cut down lap. Tufting when the needle up to the top when hooked into a circle and are back to cede their final knife. At any time, into a circle hook always maintained there are three laps down, just from a needle Tufting made in this down cashmere lap before the lap is on the hook after the transfer, and the adjacent ring down the front that is By the cede knife and cut off with the cloth at the end of the movement from the Pile area. Pile is due to be installed on a knife into the side of the circle hook, so every lap was cut down, produced a long-short head down, which was long a “J” shaped, it is unavoidable. This difference in the length of thick seems obvious, but the pavement when the plain carpet optical effect is obvious, therefore, asked all the carpet in one direction Shun placement. Pile knife usually used high-strength steel on the system, a long knife 6in, to sharpen them frequently. Into a circle hook sometimes need to sharpen. In the standard-Tufting machine from Quanrong to cede it is entirely possible, as long as replacement parts Tufting, but the replacement of aircraft and transfer process is very complex, after stopping the loss of too few companies generally do so .
3. Circle / Circle Pile / cede the high-down lap just to keep low-cut velvet ring will not be cut off. Pile Tufting ways and very similar, only in the circle hook into the shape used as Quanrong, while at the same location and cede to install a special piece of the spring and cede the conventional combination with a knife, such as As shown in Figure 9-5. In the production of cashmere in Quanrong part of the cluster, from flower-controlled part of the feed to allow Leno sent to pull down the speed of yarn, cashmere yarn so that the increase in tension, the tension so that the cashmere yarn set in just hook into a circle, the circle hook into because no Barbed, so when it shifted to right, they have a chance to Quanrong from the hook into a circle to show off the low board has become a circle with a knife Pile-free. In the cluster do Cashmere cede, control of flower-feeding Leno will pull some of the increase in yarn delivery speed, so that the results of its cashmere yarn set in the circle hook into a very relaxed, and titles in the spring side of the block under no opportunity to emerge into a circle hook Pile up for a knife when cut off. Various parts of the sequence of action and very close to not cede.