The domestic market in the near future all over the amount of yarn prices Comments

Recently, the volume of domestic yarn market prices fall together, the yarn market is not bright, pure cotton yarn no fundamental change in the short term the market can hardly turn for the better. Viscose staple cotton were raw materials in general, domestic cotton prices and a larger decline, while the lower demand in general, the cotton market were also vulnerable to run. Chun Disha polyester staple fiber prices due to market downturn, prices are down mainly to the disadvantaged, and the market is not optimistic about the prospects. Xiao Shao Chun Disha market prices fell slightly, 21s market was quoted at 13,700 yuan / ton, 32s reported 14,200 yuan / ton, 45s reported 15,100 yuan / ton, 50s reported 15,800 yuan / ton, 55S reported 17,100 yuan / ton, small chemical fiber 16s Reported 11,100 yuan / ton, 21s reported 11,300 yuan / ton (with votes), 32s reported 12,000 yuan / ton. Another mainstream market Sheng Chun Disha same low price, 21s market was quoted at 13,600 yuan / ton, 32s reported 13,900 yuan / ton, 45s to 14,900 yuan / ton (down 100 yuan / ton), 50s for 15,900 yuan / ton (Down 100 yuan / ton), 60s for 16,800 yuan / ton (down 100 yuan / ton). Shandong Chun Disha cool market sentiment, lack of market sentiment, volume fell Su Liang. 21s reported 13,700 yuan / ton, 32s reported 14,400 yuan / ton, 45s reported 15,300 yuan / ton, 50s reported 15,600 yuan / ton, 40s pure polyester Gusha reported 17,200 yuan / ton, 32s polyester-cotton 80/20 reported 15,900 yuan / ton , 21s polyester-cotton 65/35 reported 16,000 (with votes), 45s polyester-cotton 65/35 reported 17,200 yuan / ton, 21S small chemical fiber production has been reported 11,000 yuan / t /, the trend of better products of small-21S, Dahua 32S . South China yarn market remained weak, trading volume continued to decline, 32s Chun Disha reported 13,700 yuan / ton (with votes). At present, Chun Disha around the market, selling more good products are 32s, 45s can demand, 45s, slightly larger than the number of transactions.