The domestic textile market hotels have “gold” can be de-sac

 Domestic hotel textile development lags behind

     Hangzhou three Philip Group designs, director of think, Chinese textiles and foreign hotel also has a larger gap. She said: “foreign hotel textiles based on the development of textile products in order to boost the development of the family. In foreign countries often have this argument – the hotel bed goods moving home, This shows that consumers want their home bedding can be as Like the hotel comfortable. They think that the hotel stay is to enjoy the comfort and luxury, because of the person as part of travel are well-off families to travel, there are some people are business trips. Hometextile enterprises so that these people can get a feel of their products, and will open its own brand awareness, because of domestic products are ‘hidden in the interior ads’, are used to subsequently rely on awareness of publicity. it started from the hotel, it is impossible Who went to sleep – night after understand. China is different, Chinese families have used cotton, and even Jacquard Products has been in Europe many people at home but not so high-end domestic four-star hotels down has not been widespread, very few Jacquard Products. ” 

    Think, the domestic hotel industry, hotels, operators of the textile industry should learn from foreign experience well. Domestic hotel textile market to be the continuous efforts of various enterprises and the media to promote, support Hometextile Association, in the advanced foreign experience to guide and influence in the fast-growing.

     Guangdong Zhicheng company sources believe that the difference between domestic and foreign hotel textiles products mainly embodied in the late finishing area. Chinese products now finishing is still relatively weak, weak problem are color and packet fastness, finishing behind because of that many good ideas greatly reduced, and even denied, this is the future of many enterprises should strive to improvement.

     Dinosaur Shanghai Textile Decoration Co., pointed out that the foreign hotel textiles has shown fine of – boutiquehotel trend. Their use of modern fashion design, bedding, towels, bathrobes and other products using the higher standards, and strive to give our guests in the visual, touch and feel the memories. Bvlgarboutique Milan, Italy, such as hotels, Australia VERSACE hotels, and domestic hotels in this area of concern is not enough. especially hope that the future hotel owners and designers can sit down together to discuss research, for the hotel to provide first-class products and services.

     Hotel tablecloths market can not be ignored

     In addition to hotel rooms with bedding, curtains, toiletries, the hotel’s restaurants, bars, coffee shops and other places Units tablecloth, plate mats and other products is also a market that can not be ignored.

     Beijing Kang Ming Hotel location is a quasi four-star meeting hotel, the building manager Wang Li-rong catering introduction, building the restaurant is basically the use of textiles to cotton-based texture. She said: “At present, many domestic textile and layout of hotel restaurants do not have many novel aspects of the design. Since 1980 has been no major breakthrough, color is also very old, I hope the manufacturers can be attributed to.”

     Wang Li-Rong Restaurant textile design must consider the overall sense, curtains and coverings should be incorporated into the design, such as the buildings are white tablecloth restaurant, Units skirts are blue, because the design of the curtains are half-open, with the tablecloth echoes using blue and white with the design.

     In addition textile style cuisine and the restaurant business, and also consistent with the nature of hotel, restaurant designs to adopt Western style, in the restaurant’s design will be inclined to Chinese-style.

     Wang Li-rong also emphasized in the selection of textile products is not enough when the only beautiful, we must pay attention to practical. It also set forth requirements for manufacturers, based on creativity in the design must be considered in line with the hotel use in the process of functional requirements. Hotel and home textile products is not the same as washing, table cloth will be for one meal, washing the frequency is very high. For example, the building once used a green and white fabric, green at the end of the yarn, to highlight the surface of white yarn through the formation of a lot of washing machines disconnected , appearance be greatly affected.

     “2005 years ago, Philip’s three main Units tablecloths or for foreign markets, 2006 will enter the domestic hotel market.” said. Her introduction, tablecloths, whether in Europe for home or hotel, the majority of relatively high-end products to , cotton, linen and cotton fabrics add set screen printing products, relatively speaking, the United States are more emphasized on the practical side, cotton or CVC tablecloths more common. In the eyes of foreign consumers, the color of wallpaper to be able to arouse people’s appetite, it makes people have the feeling of pleasure, eat only rice to taste.

     “The domestic hotel restaurants textiles are more general, it seemed very ordinary, like all designed by the same manufacturers, for example, often using the same color, same has a small jacquard.” said: “The foreign hotel restaurant or cafe use The tablecloths, mats, such as relatively high-end textiles, patterns are more and more fashionable. I think that the domestic hotel coffee shop can be converted into an independent style, or a box for each has its own different style, different feeling, it could be a few In a style box. These are not difficult to make up the key hotel operators, and their ideas is very important that we be able to recommend the popular way is easier. “