The elegant luxurious carpets, elegant fashion experience(2)

Can not stop the charm of imported

Foreign luxury carpet unique collection of high value; carpet outside the scope of the collection option, this is the feeling of most of the collectors.

Persian carpet. In the many varieties of carpet in the family, called “carpet Laosilaisi in the” Persian carpet carpet is no doubt the most collectors are respected. Persian carpet of history can be traced back to about 2,500 years ago. At that time, living in the area of the Persian nomadic tribes like the cold zone of goat wool weaving mats and tents. Gradually, the traditional craft turned into carpet manufacturing industry. Persian carpets are the main raw material for wool, silk and cotton. Woven into a carpet of fine lines, a clear pattern, pay attention to work. The most important characteristic is that it attaches great importance to the use of natural pigments, made hundreds of years ago to weave a carpet, now is still colorful. With the carpet manufacturing industry and the continuous prosperity of increasing production, Persian carpets reached the peak of popularity, the popular all over the world. The most famous of the existing, two of the most significant Persian carpets were the British Museum and the Victoria Museum in Los Angeles preserved. Carpet collection in the auction market at home and abroad, business people love the Persian carpet auction, the auction is the best Persian carpets. It is no longer a common thing, but an accumulation of more than 2,000 years of history and precious works of art. Shiny silk natural light as a different point of view of the exposure, Fan Chu gorgeous color, as if Wuliubainian before the Persian Empire to reproduce the brilliant exploits in the world, so that collectors around the world in which intoxicated, very favorite.

Turkish carpet. Turkish carpets in the world famous. The world’s most well-known of the three carpets were produced in Persia, China and Turkey. Only three were among the blanket use of Turkish carpet is a double knot. Turkey carpet at the general categories of wool and silk, rigorous process, the fine hand, the quality, not only bright colors, Jiubu fading, and is also very unique design, full of national characteristics of the concept of art, collectors appreciate the fine art of Turkish carpet At the same time, but also to enjoy the unique local characteristics of the nation.