The elegant luxurious carpets, elegant fashion experience(4)

Inner Mongolia carpet. Inner Mongolia’s carpet weaving originated during the Qin and Han, Jin and Yuan in the development of the era. Its main varieties are the natural color of carpets, rugs Palace, the Qianlong carpets, art-carpets, tapestries, and other arts. Inner Mongolia’s traditional use of carpet-Ming Huang, purpurea, armeniacum, such as warm orange-red by the Inner Mongolia-specific soil types of processing woven from wool. In the central and western Inner Mongolia, the two sides along the Yellow River area by producing wool fiber length, pulling strong, flexible, white color, luster, in this high-quality raw materials for processing, weaving carpets in Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, the carpet is the best collection of the value of a .

Tibetan carpet. Tibet’s rich cattle wool products, with the most common carpet. Tibet’s wool hair elastic quality strong, and very suitable for carpet. Tibetan carpet weaving method unique, exquisite technique, and the bright color of harmony and delicate soft carpet surface, washing does not fade, can not visit, durable. There are varieties Erlongxizhu, landscape paintings, Long Yun, the dragon and phoenix, the phoenix, and other traditional flower patterns. There are also woven in the form of traditional Chinese painting to landscape design patterns, such as Mount Everest, the Great Wall, Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, the Potala Palace, Gyangze Anti-British Castle, grassland, and so what’s new. Grasslands, mountains, water generous simplicity, a strong national characteristics, and its Persian carpet and Turkey carpet and were known as the world’s three blankets on the international market enjoyed a high reputation. Tibetan carpet to enter Europe, immediately impressed the collectors there. Its distinctive pattern, passionate colors (orange, pink and green beans), as well as the nature of the original design (mountains, water, ice, clouds and the Butterfly), fully demonstrated the “roof of the world” of its natural beauty Simple and innocent human life, filled with Tibet’s unique color. One is called in Tibetan carpet, “Queen’s” brand-name carpet, popular in Europe. In Western Europe, and even appeared in the collection of Tibetan carpets boom.