The global financial crisis in China’s textile machinery market, so that the worse

The global financial crisis has begun to decline in the second half of last year, China’s textile machinery market, even worse, the economic situation this year, the industry has become difficult, especially in the market in September after declining trend more evident. In the face of the severe situation in the industry, the China Textile Machinery Equipment Industry Association convened more than 100 member companies in the November 18 to 20 in Jiujiang, Jiangxi, 2009 held annual national production of textile machinery industry forum. Business representatives discussed the further development of industry specific measures to establish and develop the confidence. China Textile Industry Association, China Textile Machinery Equipment Industry Association Gao Yong, chairman of textile machinery enterprises to make full use of the proposed adjustment of the opportunity to further expand the application of textile machinery equipment in the field.

China Textile Machinery Equipment Industry Association of 91 key enterprises in the first three quarters of the economic performance statistics: 91 companies a total industrial output value 14,567,000,000 yuan, 19.32 percent year-on-year decline; sales 14,750,000,000 yuan Yuan, down 15.79 percent; a total profit of 552,000,000 yuan, 51.50 percent year-on-year decline; completion of the export delivery value of 1,794,000,000 yuan, fell 2.86 percent.

Yong said: “China’s textile industry, only the output value of enterprises above designated size reached 4 trillion yuan, industry-wide, about 5 trillion yuan or so. Textile industry for the economic development of China’s exports, as well as to solve the employment has made tremendous contributions. After the financial crisis, textile and garment industry is most concerned about the Government’s one of the industry. One after another in recent policies introduced by the state departments concerned to fully take into account the current difficulties in the textile industry, and actively support. Vice Premier Li Keqiang in both previous meetings Repeatedly stressed that the textile industry in China is the world’s most competitive industries, we must be on the next step forward in the textile industry are full of confidence. ”

Specific to the textile machinery industry, said Gao Yong, despite the textile machinery industry is currently affected by reduced demand for textile industry, has entered the early winter, but businesses must make good use of this opportunity to enjoy the benefits of exercise, in order to meet the next round of the Development to prepare. He said enterprises should first Enhancing Strength, in particular, should be before the market demand into account the time period of product quality, management, services to further enhance the awareness up. Second, enterprises should speed up the adjustment of product mix. Gao Yong believe that this round of adjustment, the textile machinery industry is no longer possible to return to the previous monthly sales of 1,000,000 of the “good life”. Low-volume, multi-species should be the characteristics of the textile machinery industry. But a few years because of market demand is too high, a number of large enterprise organizational structure is also a high-volume production. How to transition, how to adapt to the needs of the development of the industry the next step is to these enterprises in the winter months to explore an important issue. Third, we must pay close attention to developments in the textile industry to develop much-needed new equipment business. He said that in previous years, the textile industry a good situation, over-reliance on cotton textile machinery industry, chemical fiber equipment at the expense of other equipment in the field of development, a number of textile companies complained that buy the right equipment. Textile enterprises must take full advantage of the opportunity to adjust to further expand the application of textile machinery equipment in the field.

On behalf of the participants talked about their own business enterprises cope with financial crises. It was generally agreed that, despite the textile machinery industry is now facing a grim situation, but the future of high-performance, energy-saving, high value-added textile products and still have a way out of the market. Now I want to establish business confidence, convinced that can ride out the storm; Second, it is necessary to strengthen internal management, strengthening product innovation, improve ability to resist risks; three to do everything possible to maintain production and retain qualified personnel; Fourth, we should unite and resist the vicious price competition in common To maintain a good market order.