The global financial crisis in the textile industry to allow further

The global financial crisis of the “cancer” China continues to spread to the real economy, heavily dependent on foreign trade of small and medium enterprises worse.

Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces in the private economy developed industrial growth have emerged in a different rate of decline in Hong Kong co-Jun toys, Martial Law, such as holding private fund-strand break due to “sudden death” of the events staged frequent.

SMEs are a shrinking very serious consequences. The majority of small and medium enterprises in labor-intensive industries, small and medium enterprises of a large number of bankruptcy, will no doubt have a large number of agricultural population transfer out of the labor force to return to the rural areas, the effects of the huge deep it goes without saying.

“Storm of SMEs” series in an attempt to show the real problem, analysis of the crisis, to explore opportunities. October 14 B13 has been published version of the “Yiwu” against the wind, “SMEs few orders.” Today, through the textile enterprises in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Glimpse of the entire Chinese textile industry in danger of “machine.” Is the fate of small and medium enterprises in China’s economic destiny.

Landscape, we watch together.

Chinese textile and garment industry seems to have never been so confused, years of rapid expansion and growth, one of China’s “Hollywood” industry seems to be hit Growing Pains. In the export tax rebate rate repeated several times, the appreciation of the RMB, increasing labor costs, all kinds of bad news as a “combination of boxing” has not yet ended, the United States and Europe and the impact of the financial blow against our faces. Are concerned about all aspects of the industry in the future.


“At present, China’s textile and garment enterprises in the two-thirds of the loss or loss of the edge, only one-third of the enterprises in profits and profit margins at about 8%.” In the face of dozens of Chinese and foreign media, China’s textile industry Du Yuzhou, chairman of the Association over the weekend in respect of Shaoxing.

Du Yuzhou in it, even if external conditions do not deteriorate due to the textile and garment enterprises in technology research and development, branding and marketing channels in areas such as the lack of long-term accumulation of contradictions in the end it would explode.

1-8 this year, month, the domestic textile and apparel industry increased by 15%, the state has again raised the export tax rebate rate of some products to 14%. “Raise a point of the tax refund rate is a point to the increase in corporate profit margins, many, many business days will be better than a lot. Because those with low efficiency caused by the difficulties of enterprises, the industry is not the main body.” He said .

From the National Bureau of Statistics and Customs statistics show that 1-8 months, the domestic textile and garment industry has created 73,900,000,000 yuan of profits, the amount of foreign exchange earned through exports 120,000,000,000 U.S. dollars, an increase of 3.2% and 9% were In recent years, the lowest point increase.

Statistics show that exports to the United States in the first three quarters 19,240,000,000 U.S. dollars, up 1.4 percent, an increase of the same period last year fell by 28 percentage points. China Textile Industry Council deputy secretary general of the summer-min said, “In any case, we have 73,900,000,000, 120,000,000,000 yuan by the end of the expected profits throughout the year, we have 9% growth in exports, is estimated to be about 190,000,000,000 U.S. dollars.”

“Whether it is export or domestic sales, so I am really impressed by the data.” Ministry of Commerce to run the market regulator, deputy director Xu interest to the above-mentioned views expressed sure.

Shaoxing County FENG Jian-rong said the same two sentences: “Shaoxing textile industry is facing unprecedented difficulties, this must be Nirvana Phoenix when the throes.”

China’s textile and garment industry seems to have never had such a contradiction: on the one hand, is frankly not optimistic about the data and industry environment, on the other hand, is full of confidence for the future and look forward to.


Ma-on is the Shaoxing County, Lee Ying-fine fiber yarn, general manager. Last year, the company’s sales amounted to 60,000,000 yuan, and the first three quarters of this year, only 20,000,000 yuan. Since May this year, the United States and Europe and other countries of the decline in orders, a number of long-term purchase from the company’s downstream garment factory orders increased from the original 23 tons a day, now down to less than a day and a half tons.

FENG Jian-rong said that the second half of this year, local textile and garment enterprises in the volume of orders every month by 20% to 30% of the rate of decline. He expects next year’s exports and profits will certainly be better this year. Last year, textile and garment industry support of Shaoxing County, GDP recorded a staggering growth rate of 39%. But he said that Martial Law in Shaoxing County, in addition to holding Sanxin textile and because the reasons for their problems, has not appeared in other businesses closed down.

Changes in the situation not only reflected in the number of orders.

China Light & Textile Industrial City in Henan Province, vice president of the Chamber of Commerce Zhang Damin said his company has not received a single volume too many changes, but before a customer orders 20 or 40 of the container is no longer the case. “Every three or four counters, the number of changes, I hope the other side at any time in accordance with price changes in the amount of change. Lack of consumer confidence, one had to reduce the volume of orders.”

Years of rapid expansion of domestic textile enterprises from the total number of spindles in 1997 to 30,000,000 this year soared to more than 100,000,000. This is tantamount to worse – is becoming larger and larger appetite, food is less and less. “A lot of companies blindly follow the trend, losing their market to determine.” China Textile Industry Association vice president of Sun Ruizhe said.

Winter or early winter

From the upper reaches of the raw materials, manufacturers of the middle reaches of the traders, and then to the lower reaches of the sale terminals, textile and garment industry in the long chain of industrial parts and components each have felt the chill of winter, but also everyone in the The probe could not help but look forward to ask how cold the winter in the end.

The general view is that the spring of next year were Ersan Yue, if there is no improvement in the situation, the industry will face a winter penetrate to the bone.

Ma Feng, said that the textile and garment industry is characterized by the fabrics to choose from a kind of clothes and then into mass production and sales, there is a relatively long period of goods. “This cargo is usually half a year, many factories now is the beginning of the food stocks.” Projected to follow suit, Ma-on come to a conclusion that the beginning of June this year, Qi Bayue continued decline in export orders will be early next year, step by step Show, “is not the worst of times.”

Lon tai weaving & dyeing Co., Ltd. Hebei sales manager Wang Ming said that he was selling the woolen fabric is now selling season, has not been affected. Wang Ming said that in the woolen industry, enterprise-class last winter began this year, the production of winter clothing, a second-class enterprises from the beginning of the summer of that year the production of winter clothing, is a third-rate business in the winter season when at any time based on market order, “the 12 Month after the first-class enterprises out of stock even if it is not a reproduction, the market can be good or bad time to see more clearly. ”

If the chain of its own parts and components are still wait-and-see, that stand in the chain, a view of the overall situation seems to have “stand higher and see farther.”

Fashion Color Association executive vice president of Liang Yong said that the textile industry has been the advent of winter, he called on enterprises to pay close attention to the time before the coming of winter to look good, “the quilt for the winter.”

FAN Min, chief analyst is more pessimistic. He believes that winter has arrived, whether domestic or export, are now in the doldrums in recent years, most of the time. He even said: “At present, the central policy is too mild, not enough to change the textile and garment industry to shrink and a downward trend.”

Chinese apparel industry’s first management consultancy firm called Zhu Wenxin founder of various enterprises as soon as possible “contraction”: a loan should be recovered as soon as possible to recover the investment contract as soon as possible, as soon as possible from the theater to focus on the global contraction.

However, not everyone is so pessimistic.

Sun Ruizhe of the view that global demand has not really reduced level of procurement is a change from the original middle-class consumption has been shifted to lower-middle class consumption. Min summer, said: “There is still demand in the international market, we have a large number of enterprises, the ability to cope with a strong, could become the first to break the industry.”

Who is a leading position

Ma Feng, the company has maintained the size of more than 10,000 spindles. “I do not Qupin number, I return to the part of the special into the yarn in the development of.” He said: “Some of the company products, customers get the kind of clothes do think that if after, I will only be able to return to here to buy Because I can make the same goods and manufacturers rarely. ”

In other products the company had sales price, Ma-on special yarn to keep the price of “strong.”

It is reported that started in June, Jiangsu, Shandong and other places some of the raw material production plant because of a single species, does not receive orders, some enterprises began to collapse. Ma Feng, sigh, “now feel, and smashed Ingot was really far-sighted.”

In the 1990s, the textile industry in order to rescue state-owned enterprises, and smashed Ingot forced to. Since then, the state-owned share of the textile industry in decline, and private capital are becoming the main body of the textile industry. Sun Ruizhe This was defined as “dynamic industry” revolution, China’s textile and garment industry for 30 years of reform and opening up in the second revolution, a revolution is “supporting industries.” This series of initiatives from the Chinese in 1994 on board the world’s textile and garment exports in the first volume in the world.

Sun Ruizhe in it, now China’s textile and garment industry or are active or passive conduct of a third revolution – “industrial concentration” revolution in the global financial crisis in the context of this revolution, the two main power source is the “industry Escalation “and” brand of innovation. ”

Sun’s point of view, was almost all the industry recognition.

Dong Hwa University College of Textiles, said Wang Jun, a professor of foreign textile and garment enterprises will be an annual 8% profit apply new products and cultivate brand in mainland China, a figure less than 1%. Xu and that the interest rate, compared with a single in the competitive pressure on the market for the whole industry chain of enormous pressure, it easier for industry to allow all enterprises to speed up the pace of upgrading. Shaoxing county party secretary Xu said: “Shaoxing than ever keen to join the various types of textile talent.”

Interestingly, this year’s meeting, Bo spinning, textile machinery from the last stand of 200 to reduce the more than 180. Local officials explained that: “The great pressure on companies, equipment updated by the slowdown.” Industry also believe that the reduction in textile machinery exhibition organizers in the exhibition industry is in transition, a concern of the whole industry chain extension from the original machinery, Fabrics, to more downstream, such as textile, clothing enterprises to expand the exhibition area.

The wolf really came, the lazy deer had to run faster, who is leading the running deer only “the first deer?”

Last weekend, including Du Yuzhou, president of the China Textile Industry Association gathered in a rare leadership of the large number of Shaoxing, Zhejiang, to participate in the annual “China (Keqiao) International Textile Fair”, the China Textile News also held with the “China Textile and Apparel influence Award “and other activities. Several days of activities, almost all labeled “escalation” and “brand” label. From the first day of the forum for creative design, industrial transformation and upgrading of the textile workshop, the second day of Chinese textile and garment brands as well as in the Summit theme of “transition industry competitive brand new model,” as the most powerful trade associations, Textile Industry Association released a clear message.

In spite of this, the textile industry association do not think that he is leading the industry out of the predicament of the force at the core. Sun Ruizhe that, out of the predicament at the moment the backbone of the Government, associations and enterprises in three areas, but the business itself must rise to the most critical factor. Daylight-min said: “by the end of the enterprise itself and the Government’s macro-control essential.”

However, most of the enterprises do not consider representative of the revaluation of the RMB, increasing labor costs, reduce the amount of overseas orders, and other difficulties can be solved by the enterprises themselves, they want more government and industry associations.

Shaoxing County FENG Jian-rong said that the banner should be left to march up the banner of the Government. He disclosed that the Far East, including Zhejiang Chemical Fiber Group, the number of companies, the government has basically completed the lead in the Martial holding of the textile and Sanxin take over. Hualian Sanxin 20 days after the production, capital of Hualian chain tension Holdings (1.85, -0.06, -3.14%) on October 21 for the first time on the reorganization of the assets of foreign news bulletin. Notice that the Shaoxing county government under a new investment company will be one of the shareholders will participate in the restructuring of the Sanxin Union, and recent efforts to resume normal production Sanxin Union.

Say, today.

“We must have confidence in this industry,” Du Yuzhou the final say in all truth. Almost every person interviewed agreed that the response to the crisis, confidence in the industry is essential. “Must have the confidence to do a good job in this industry, not only on GDP figures, so many people’s rice bowls ah.” Xu said, and interest rates.