The province’s textile industry into the 1048 statistics of enterprises

2008, in the face of complex and ever-changing economic situation at home and abroad, Hebei textile industry to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure and product structure, strengthen the deep-processing capacity, and relying on industry to enhance the core competitiveness and progress, and maintain smooth operation of the industry’s health.

2008 1 ~ 11 months, the province’s textile industry into the 1048 statistics, total industrial output value of enterprises realize a total of 82.06 billion yuan, up 17 percent; realize the main business income of 77.774 billion yuan, up 17.89 percent; realize profit 3.894 billion yuan , an increase of 13.88%.

Due to a variety of adverse factors, in 2008 the main product of Hebei textile industry and economic indicators of production growth rate slowed down, the general decline in the economic efficiency of enterprises. Significantly reduce demand on the international market, so that textile and apparel exports in Hebei affected, order to reduce product prices, capital returns slow.