The size of the textile industry in Chongqing in the west-bit only ranked 3-4

4, a State Council executive will be approved in principle the planning to revitalize the textile industry. Have been involved in “the revitalization of planning” to discuss the first draft of the City Director of Economic and Trade Textile said in an interview last night, in which a number of measures applicable to Chongqing, Chongqing, the textile industry has ushered in a major positive.

“First of all, to reflect their active role in promoting industrial upgrading the textile industry in Chongqing, technological innovation, enabling a group of enterprises.”introduction, at present, the size of the textile industry in Chongqing in the west although ranked only 3-4, but in recent years very fast, and its growth rate has ranked the first place 5-8. Among them, the garment industry is the dominant industries of Chongqing, among the first to the west “position.”

“Revitalization of planning” to emphasize the technological transformation and building their own brands, but also in the new Central Committee set up a special investment focus on support for spinning weaving, printing and dyeing, chemical fiber industries technological progress, which is even more firmly the textile industry of Chongqing walk the road of brand, Rotary You support the strong, the two apparel industrial park built confidence in Chongqing to meet a new round of the revitalization of the textile industry.

Secondly, in the optimization of regional distribution, the “revitalization planning” proposed to promote and guide the textile and garment processing enterprises to the central and western transfer. “At present, the Central has been preliminarily determined to take the eastern part of Chongqing as a state-level transfer of the textile industry base.” said that in undertaking the transfer of the eastern part of the process industries, Chongqing will be the appropriate policy support, more enterprises have moved to the eastern coastal Chongqing, the Chongqing for the development of the textile industry will also play a significant role in promoting.

Third, the funds, “the revitalization of planning” was also made to the fundamentals of a good but temporary difficulties to give credit support to enterprises, plus Medium Small textile enterprises, such as support for these measures will save many of the current financial difficulties of the enterprise, Chongqing Textile industry in the long-standing problem of financing will also be a certain degree of ease.

” ‘Revitalization planning’ there is a content may not cause too much attention, but its business is very important.”said, “the revitalization of planning” mentioned that the central and local governments and enterprises to increase cotton and silk acquisition efforts. Although the text did not specify, but since has such a requirement, banks will provide liquidity for the enterprise loans, the central government will also arrange some funds for the loan discount, which ease the pressure on enterprise funds, and promote the development of the textile industry is very important significance.