The soft carpet for your home cold

In the cold winter to buy a piece of carpet increase in the warmth of your living room. Home tired from work one day, took off his shoes and step on the soft carpet, both physically and mentally feel comfortable; or hold a beloved novel sitting on the carpet careful reading of goods, but also feel satisfied and happy; or with children Playing on the carpet, no longer have to worry about the children injured in a fall. At this point, the room full of warmth will certainly be able to disperse cold.

In addition to the above mentioned factors, more and more people pay attention to the lives of individuality, fashion Home Carpet as a part of interior decoration has become an important part, has also become a master of self-display-style fashion elements. Unlike the cold tile floor tiles, modern carpets with rich color and unique texture, and bring quality of life feel comfortable.

According to materials, carpet wool carpet can be divided into general, like polypropylene wool carpets, chemical fiber carpets and rugs blended. The so-called chemical fiber carpet is nylon, polypropylene, acrylic, and other materials, such carpet will not be affected, such as mildew borer.

If you think that only the carpet from start to finish with a texture, then you are behind the times. Now, in the material, the use of a mix means more and more, in addition to the most common pieces such as leather and rags mix of films, there will be popular with the soft acrylic rough mix of leather and so on, so that Carpet to catch a train fashion.