The textile industry of our big step forward came in the spring

In the international financial crisis spread of the environment, China’s economy as the most active of the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta, the first to feel the cold wind Sese financial crisis. In particular, the largest U.S. export market of weak market demand, China’s textile industry felt the pressure of sales. At present, Shaoxing County, a large number of chemical fiber, textiles, dyeing and printing business is experiencing unprecedented difficulties and challenges. I visit the county of textile enterprises in-depth investigation and study after that, with the recent international crude oil prices dropped, the emphasis on the management of enterprises operating costs by a substantial decline in the country’s positive macro-policy changes in the textile industry has begun to signs of warmer, and textile enterprises to speed up transition Upgrade, as well as the county of Shaoxing County Committee of the positive impact of the crisis response, as a pillar industry of Shaoxing textile industry has been the first to feel the smell of spring warmth. We have reason to believe that the modern textile industry in Shaoxing County of the business environment will get better and better, and textile enterprises will be gradually out of the woods, the textile industry of our big step forward came in the spring.

First, the price of crude oil dropped

International crude oil market in October after declining sharply, NYMEX crude oil futures on November 5 to 70 U.S. dollars / barrel, is now at nearly 16-month low. With the global financial crisis and the global fund market investment bank manipulated the price of crude oil bubble has been gradually Jigan, experts predict oil prices will be a certain period of time in the 60-80 dollars / barrel between the fluctuations. Affected by this, on October 23 Asian PX spot price fell to 690-695 dollars. At the same time cause the PTA supplier of irrational sell-off, by the end of October domestic PTA spot price has dropped to 4900 yuan / ton (equivalent to 30 U.S. dollars of crude oil / barrel), by the end of June fell 4700 yuan / ton, 48.9 percent drop. MEG spot prices by the end of October has fallen to 3400 yuan / ton, by the end of June fell more than 5700 yuan / ton, 62.6 percent drop. Silk sash prices also fell sharply to POY150D/48F, for example, by the end of October price 6800 yuan / ton, by the end of June fell more than 5700 yuan, a decrease of 45.6 percent.

From November 3, 2008 Keqiao Chinese textile index, we can see that raw materials prices index for 85.58, early in June fell 9.14 percent, the price index 101.2 gray cloth, fabric-type price index 99.05, 97.24 Home prices index, Early June respectively, compared with +0.79% +1.5% -0.16%, with basically the same as early in June, the full description of the current textile industry profit margins have increased. On the other hand, the prices of raw materials of the significant downturn in the textile enterprises also take up significantly reduce the liquidity, which is this year suffering from financial problems and efficiency of the textile industry, is a good medicine. Of course, we should also see the upper reaches of textile products and raw materials prices are a double-edged sword. In the customer to buy or not buy up the psychological driven by sales of textile products will not sell short-term phenomenon. However, textile raw material prices are stabilized at a higher stage, which is reshaping customer confidence has played a key role.

Second, operating costs dropped

In the textile raw materials costs declined at the same time, other production costs there was a marked decline, mainly as follows:-stained Material costs: 10 at the end of the owners of printing and dyeing to dye Hongyu, brown-yellow, Suomikelong price of 19 yuan, 17 yuan 80 yuan / kg higher than in March (when the organization of the Olympic Games) fell 13 yuan, 11 yuan, 40 yuan / kg, with an average 36% decline. Thickener 5500 yuan / ton higher than in March fell 10%. The cost of coal: 10 at the end of the mixed quality of coal (5900 kcal) price of 980 yuan / ton, 800 yuan coal price / ton, respectively, compared with 6 drop at the end of 220 yuan, 200 yuan / ton, the decline was 18% and 20%.

Steam cost: 10 at the end of the average gas price of 190 yuan / ton higher than in August dropped 20 yuan / ton, the decline was 10%.

The cost of electricity: Although electricity prices unchanged in the past, but with the decline in the price of coal, power generation, cost reduction is expected in the future electricity will decline.

Logistics costs: the current sharp decline in export freight costs, by the end of October the International Baltic Freight Index Composite (BDI) fell below 1,000 points, to close at 982 points by the end of May than the all-time high of 11,067 points, fell 91.1 percent.

Tax costs: the beginning of this year, Shaoxing County planned to levy a tax 5,000,000,000 yuan, has planned to reduce the 300,000,000 yuan. At present, national tax collection departments to promote harmony, are determined not to over tax collection.

Interest costs: Sept. 16 from the central bank to cut interest rates three times within a month and a half, one-year yuan loans to lower the benchmark interest rate a total of 0.81 percentage points, measured, industrial enterprises in the county each month to reduce interest payments on loans 146,000,000 yuan, an annual saving Finance costs about 10%. According to the analysis, the central bank to cut interest rates further. At the same time, social enterprise financing in the current economic and financial environment, a substantial reduction will help reduce the cost of financial support.

Third, the introduction of various types have been good

The development of a clear direction. China’s textile industry is the dominant industries is the accumulation of capital and an important industry for employment expansion, China is also one of the largest export industry. “11th Five-Year” Development Plan to upgrade the level of light and textile industries, encourage enterprises to increase value-added textile, light and textile industry to consolidate and enhance the competitiveness of the textile industry to promote the transfer of gradient as the development of the textile industry. In October just out of the manufacturing sector over the next five years, Shaoxing City, development planning, modern textile industry, according to the first of five major industries. Shaoxing County to encourage the development of textile industry upgrading, product differentiation, functionality, high-end, brand, to build an international textile manufacturing center, trade center and a center of creative, and strive to raise the value-added textile products, textiles and promote the overall industrial upgrading.

Increase the export tax rebate rate. Following the Aug. 1 part of the textile, clothing export tax rebate rate of 2%, from November 1, the textile, clothing export tax rebate rate from 13% to 14%, but also a wider range of goods directly benefit the Shaoxing County 1900 textile export enterprises. If the export of chemical fiber enterprises in Shaoxing County, Shaoxing Coastal Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd., the export tax rebate rate of increase in the monthly increase of about 350,000 yuan of the proceeds. The export tax rebate rate hike will not only ease the pressure on exporters to raise textile export business confidence, enhance the competitiveness of textile products greater significance.

Loose monetary policy trends. Sept. 25 from the central bank has twice lowered the deposit reserve ratio by 1.5 percentage points total, while commercial bank credit is no longer the size of the implementation of control, in terms of policy guidance and supervision of all levels to guide financial institutions to increase credit input, which makes enterprise Financing environment is relatively easy to increase the vitality of corporate finance. 9 Shaoxing county at the end of the financial institutions early this year to increase deposits 17,738,000,000 yuan, an increase of 27.84 percent, up by more than 7,816,000,000 yuan, and financial institutions to support the economy and the strength of the new enhancements.

Fourth, sales of the situation out of the woods

So far this year, the textile industry in Shaoxing County, sales continue to maintain steady growth. Sales in the first three quarters 93,572,000,000 yuan, up 15.6 percent. Of which textile exports 4,610,000,000 U.S. dollars, up 28.5 percent, showing the European Union, the United States and other developed countries, the export growth rate dropped, ASEAN, Latin America and other developing countries strong export growth. Since October, the international financial crisis and the upper reaches of textile products, raw materials prices substantially, manufacturers and customers more wait-and-see components, Shaoxing County, sales of textile exports and weak. Analysis of the industry, by the end of October as a result of textile raw materials prices have stabilized, the rising trend in Europe and the United States by the middle class, affordable high-end brand to the consumer spending trends, the competitive advantage of Shaoxing textile products will be further highlighted, sales and exports will be to restore .

Data from the two groups can be an example, to be held in October this year, the China International Textile Fair Keqiao, four days a total textile trade volume of 3,942,000,000 yuan, up 2.13 percent than last, the signing of 10 cooperation projects with a total investment amounted to 1,910,000,000 Million. Is currently being held in the 104th Guangzhou Trade Fair, Woxian a total of 130 exhibitors, booth number 230, last year more than doubled, most of which are textile enterprises. At the same time, in accordance with the relevant provisions of China’s accession to the World Trade Organization, textile special measures will be limited due by the end of 2008, China and the United States, China and the EU bilateral textile memorandum of understanding will end at the same time, the Commerce Department since January 1, 2009 will no longer be implemented starting to lose The United States, Europe lost textile export volume and license management, textile exports will have a better external environment.

Fifth, industrial upgrading people

Through the current economic and financial situation “Daobi” mechanism, the textile industry operators are well aware that business to survive, it is necessary to do a good job must be profitable industrial upgrading, and strengthen internal management, in order to pay more attention to the refinement of management to address the high cost of the times , The management of innovation initiatives frequently, the county is surging textile enterprises Unit, a potential escalation of the wave. Zhejiang to-day Saint Holdings represented by the modern textile industry, textile industry has always been traditional strengths as a main industry, and actively expand the implementation of the textile industry vertical chain of development, from chemical fiber, weaving, dyeing, fabric import and export trade, Wool imports from the sales of wool fabric to form a link in the supporting each other and promote each other’s complete industry chain. At the same time, the Group of Saint-day scientific and technological progress to improve the quality of personnel, management innovation and industrial upgrading, as the goals and direction, relying on advanced technology and equipment, first-class quality of the staff, efficient and humane management, are wide of the formation of the monument ” Saint-day mode. ”

Six, losing confidence in the business

Shaoxing County’s textile industry has the advantages of industrial clustering, professional equipment and technology market advantage, but we believe that the current economic and financial situation and, more importantly, Shaoxing County, have a responsible government and a large number of experienced wind and rain, strengthen our confidence With a sense of social responsibility of entrepreneurs. “Sanxin Union,” “Martial Law dyeing” individual enterprises have been suspended after the county government to actively deal with Shaoxing County Committee, through the “stability of the loans, re-injection (take over the capital increase) to improve the management” of effective measures to guide enterprises “Baotuan heating” to tide over the crisis. At present, up and down throughout the county are in accordance with the “strong foreign trade, foreign investment to do better, so deep” thinking, efforts to encourage an atmosphere of confidence, and grasp a clear policy direction, the focus of efforts to set an example, focus on problem-breaking solution services, and actively resolve the financial crisis on world The impact of the textile industry has greatly stimulated to encourage business confidence.